Heres to my start….

I am really new to blogging, so u r to excuse me if I do nt comply with ne rules (invisible or clearly stated) ;as I need all da encouragement I can get to continue with this tradition of blogging.

I owe a few statements to ppl who even forced me to believe I can blog. I decided to stick to the Devil image onli bcuz I was getting so used to it tht I found it quite difficult without it… For those who r unaware of the origin of my so-called Devil image, a few instances here n there, followed by my usual acts of mischief (of quite a devilish nature, I must admit) and I had an image to live up to. And I quite admit I never had to work hard to live up to it; it just came naturally ;-). But, as I have stated more often thn not, I m nt a perpetual Devil. And as somebody put it for me, I am ‘ an angel in Devil’s disguise.’ (Mebe an angel is too much of a compliment, but u get the drift…). And so the Devil eventually will stay, at least for now.

Lemme make a slow start so that I dont really stun someone who happens to come across this just for fun. I am as typical as an average collegian in India can be…go to college in crowded local trains (read once in 15 min on an avg), hang out as much has I can with frnds (not much of an attempt actually considering I hv frnds who live down the lane) and, oh I cant fget this, rebelling as much as is considered barely decent (details of the same to be revealed in due course).

Not tht my life is all that ordinary, but again who is ordinary…Everyone has a skeleton, n I have many stuffed up in my closets so u can onli imagine how much I hv to hide. Nonetheless, I make sure that what I hide has nothing to do with u (at least some of u) n be as fair as I can be with u as well as with my conscience.

Those who have survived this far will notice that I have already began showing one of my most charactertistic traits…I dnt reveal too much. Not tht I cant or dnt want to; but onli bcuz it is in my nature to stay shut n open up onli when I think I can handle the consequences (sorry for sounding so over dramatic).

Now tht I hv bugged sum ppl already, lets keep da next session away for a while, so u can recover (or in da case of sum can interrogate my guts out). Chao till session 2 …


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