Carrying on…

Now tht sum ppl hv recovered frm da attack they got after seeing my first blog, I can safely carry on to shock u sum more.
I write poems. The first time I told sum1 tht I was told,” Those r thr 3 words u shud never use in conjunction with each other; it doesnt suit u at all”. Nonetheless, I write, n continue to irritate sum n amuse sum. I write in a monotonous tone (of da poem) and give a distinctive touch of the same emotion throughout as much as I can.
So lemme introduce u to one of my favourites…
Its called In Reminiscence

I remember, I remember
the times I spent with my friend.
We’d made promises to stay together
in this great city that has no end.

I remember the time that I first met him
and how we spent so many hours together, just me and Jim.
Those wonderful moments, I will always treasure
the happiness they gave me, I can never measure.

I remember the pranks we used to play
and the scoldings we got from teachers everyday.
I remember our small group study sessions
our secret club, and our own little missions.

I remember how we’d built a world of our own
how we’d shared with each other things we’d never known.
I remember so many little things, they meant so much to me
I never saw the world as ‘me’ again, I knew it had become ‘we’.

The days flew by and the weeks rushed on
and before I knew many years were gone.
By then, I knew, I’d grown close to Jim
if I knew anyone I could trust, it had to be him.

We’d both become very busy men, struggling for a life of our own
we had no time to laze around, not even time to mourn.
And yet, I saw, I found time for him as he had found for me
we found solutions to every problem, as difficult as it may be.

And I look back on those good ‘ol days
and breath a sigh of relief.
That we hadnt decided to part our own ways
and stuck to our common belief.

Belief that we’d be there for each other
Belief that our troubles would ease.
Belief that life isnt gonna be forever
Belief that there is no such thing as eternal peace.

My past has taught me to value a friend
even through this life that has to end.
So remember, my friend, never be in doubt
That your friend is one who walks in when all the world walks out.
Not that I mean to add a note or two to it, but I must emphasize tht this poem is inspired from my real life and ne resemblance to a living person is more than a little intentional and reference to any places and/or events are very much intended. This is nt a disclaimer that I add to make this poem readable (w.r. to the recent Da Vinci uproar), but if ne1 felt even a little bit part of the poem, I did intend to make it seem so. I wrote this one keeping a frnd in mind, and I think it achieved the purpose quite well.

Another one of my all time favourites is still untitled…merely bcoz I cudnt give the array of emotions it portrayed ne name.

My greatest fear
a drop of tear
that drop of tear gone waste.
Lying on my bed
those tears I shed
I shed out of mere haste.

My greatest must
an ounce of trust
trust in my dearest friends.
That’ll carry me along
like a sweet song
throught life’s steep curves and bends.

My deepest thought
that life is not
not as easy as it may seem.
If I had it my way
I’ll struggle come what may
to make that my fulfilled dream.

My deepest regret
watching the sun set
set on a world I havent seen.
There are people I havent known
and pain I havent borne
in a land where I’ve never been.

My greatest strain
a feeling of pain
that pain arising out of anguish.
When my dreams fade
before they are made
and I see how they totally vanish.

My greatest belief
is of total relief
Relief when all’s gone well.
When a job is done
and a battle is won
there’s nothing you need to tell.

My greatest sorrow
that I cant borrow
borrow from time’s own bank.
And I see time slip
as I take a little dip
into life’s fun-filled tank.

In this jungle so deep and dense
my words make no sense
even to my well trained ears.
As if water were gushing
my thoughts seem to be rushing
from a captivity of so many years.

Again I’d like to add sumthing here. I had written this quite a while ago, when I was obv not in one of my best moods; but this goes on to speak a lot about sum1 I knw very well. I m nt goin to name a person in particular (but I can say its nt me), but this person I speak of knws me very well too; and I cud only do justice to pen down this mystery friend. Its quite rare that I dedicate a poem to sum1, but this one is wholly goes out to my mystery frnd. (I will reveal the mystery later on, but suspense works very gud to keep the attention)

I will hv to add sum of my recent ones, sum even I am quite shocked of having finished. But I guess u will hv to wait until thn; for now I cant get the order to put them in or the time to actually type them. So till I decide to be poetic, chao…


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