My muvie spree…

I recently went on a massive movie watching spree…everything I cud get my hands on, I saw. Sum gud english ones and sum hindi ones as well…and then I caught The Da Vinci Code as well. So lemme start by ruining sum ppls plans to go n c da muvies…

The Da Vinci Code is AWESOME!!!!At one time I thot Tom Hanks wudnt b half as convincing as I thot Langdon wud hv to be….but I was wrong; he was perfect in most parts. And I think the biggest surprise was Ian McKellen…I only knew him as Magneto from the X-Men gang; but he fit the role of Lee Teabing so perfectly that wen I go to see X Men 3, Sir Teabing will still linger at the back of my mind. The story has been twisted in more than one instance, but unless u read the book u might not even notice a diversion. Da muvie was filmed very well; all credit to Ron Howard (of A Beautiful Mind fame); da last part has been shown so perfectly that I felt sitting thru the long muvie was worthwhile indeed. Go catch it soon….

Fanaa is not gud…according to my sources. For some reason, even though the chemistry between Kajol n Aamir lingers on the screen even when u walk out of the theatre, it dint make a difference throughout the 3 hrs u spent watching it. The story, I hear, is highly absurd in bits n the ending, supposedly, is so unrealistic that my frnd, who actually caught the first show at a Multiplex for a massive sum, thot it better to stand up and leave than to sit n bear the brunt of the jagged storyline. For those who planned to see the muvie…Kajol is not blind; she is a spy who keeps tab on Aamir Khan, who is a terrorist; in the end both DIE!!! (If I have rained on someone’s parade, its not my fault..!!!)

MI3 was also a big dissapointment. Considering I do like Tom Cruise, it was a huge dissapointment to see that he couldnt carry the muvie well this time. From the beginning, the story seems very blurred, and believe it or not, the main plot this time doesnt get reveled even at the end of the muvie. The Rabbitsfoot is this thing they all hunt for, and till the end its highly irritating u dnt knw what it is or wat it does….a very irritating way to suggest there may be MI4. But considering the beating MI3 is expected to take, they better think twice…

I also chked out X-Men 3…n I must say it was a better watch than most of my other ventures (exception being Da Vinci ofcourse). A very convincing plotline n put accross very well…I can onli imagine how interesting X-Men 4 might be (the muvie ends on an open note so a sequel doesnt seem impossible yet). Kudos to all the artists for an amazing performance (especially Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman n Halle Berry) and yes,for those who havent watched it yet…its worth a second watch as well…

Now no more muvie watching for a while…bcuz I dont hv da time to watch them or type them down…so breathe free my frndz…


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