My Creations – Part II

I had no specific reason to carry on wid my poeting ventures…but I just had to write this one down.
I am not the kinda person who takes out an hour a day to write a poem; my poems are more often random thoughts that I accumulate and give shape to. And generally I have a habit of writing in my more pensive moods, when I more than a little annoyed and when I dont want to tick ne1 else off.
This particular poem came during one of my happier moods in a very unusual place-The Local trains. U’d think an hour of journeying in an over packed train is enough to bug ne1, but I found a lot of inspiration from the crowds for this one. Its called Colorblind.

Life is so full of colors
Each different and distinct to see.
If I were to describe each color with a verse
This is how my verses would be.

Dissapointment has a color; the color of black
it makes you realise what you lack.
Its the color of the night, when the sun is gone
but still it could give you the strength to move on.

Fervour has a color; the deep-sea blue
its the energy in the ocean, in the drops of dew.
It keeps you rushing and raring to go
it gives you motivation when life looks low.

Happiness has a color; a bright yellow
tis the color of a joker, who’s a jovial fellow.
When you feel low, it makes you feel better
and a happy guy can always become a go-getter.

Friendship has a color; a lively orange
talking of the people with whom you’ve shared a bench
the people with whom you share your secrets
the feeling that leaves you with no regrets.

Love has a color; the color red
a feeling that is conveyed even when no words are said.
Its the color of togetherness, the color of ‘we’
a shade you get when you merge two colors of ‘me’.

Jealousy has color; a bright green
the feeling you get when you want to be mean.
Its a feeling that ignites a fire in you
its meant to burn your foes, but it ends up burning you.

Gloom has a color; of chocolate brown
it represents those days when you just feel down.
Characterised by a sad look and a distant gaze,
its just a point in time, a passing phase.

So life is a canvas, and you are an easel
So paint your life, and prove yourself able.
And When u you lose those colors in life and its grind
Thats when you become Colorblind.

Even before u ask, yes it is named after a song by Darius; but as u might hv noticed thts all I took frm da song. I decided to include one of my favourite lines in da poem (spot it urself), and also ordered it in a wierd way. I started wid Black, onli cuz its my fav color. I put red midway onli cuz u cant fall in luv the first or da last thing in life. N I put in gloom onli cuz chocolate brown is a wonderful color…no other reason actually.
Comments on different colors and feelings r welcum…mebe I’ll add a few gud ones as well. So chao for now…


One thought on “My Creations – Part II”

  1. this one of my favorite poems after the frienchip waalai relate to most of ur poems often cause i find myself in situations similiar to urs!!! u knw wat i mean !! anywayz keep writing!!!

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