College finally begins…

I was bored of my vacations to the extent tht I actually started studying in da middle for a mundane exam due nxt month. I did everything I cud…including getting back to my guitar, writing, and even catching up on muvies. But eventually a month into my vacs I was as bored as bored cud get (perhaps bcuz I aint used to a full fledged vacation since 9th grade).
So getting back to college was actually sumthn I was lukin fwd to…even tho its my last yr n I knw tht all our teachers wud b scaring the hell out of us. Nonetheless, college meant back to a routine (as erratic as lecs at 7 and 8 in da morn), sumthn to do (incl this heist we r planning at a bank) and more than nethn ppl to hang out wid (special ref to da ppl who can accompany me to da library as well).
True its been a week since college started, but nothin very exciting tuk place at all…apart frm da fact tht we hv almost 100% attendance in all lecs. Surprisingly, every1 has taken TY as seriously as they shud, already having taken up classes for various subjects (read: Jai Mata Di et all). I was one of the few who hasnt taken classes (n I seriously hope tht others join dis elite gang) but nt bcuz I m smart or sumthn but just bcuz I dnt get time to get to tuitions at all (unless tutions r starting in Harbour Line Trains, in which case I can happily enrol).
So now I m back to my routing of projects n presentations n utter timepass…n I can happily say TY is no more unnerving than FY or SY and tht college is def da place to b for me (wen i attend tht is). More college news cumin up later….so ketchup (gujju catch up) wid me later.


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