Disappointments galore

Luks like everything this week is onli disappointing….First England crash out of the WC quarters to penalty shootouts (with almost every major Englishman missing the net) and then Brazil lose in style to France (wihtout even scoring a goal). True, I was rooting for Germany and tht neither of these teams were my favourites, but to see 2 very strong sides lose to sumthn tht was known as their strength in a year they were both strong contenders to win makes me wonder if I was wrong to follow such a game at all.

And the rains hv been equally disappointing. I mean, raining on a Sunday made sense, but heavy rains on Monday morning was just wrong timing. Thankfully, I dint even venture out, but the city slackened its pace it is so well known for, my teacher actually taught (even tho her audience was 50 students in a combined class of 110). Technically, I onli missed 3 adjustments in cash flow statements, but we were planning a muvie today, n the rain so magnificently ruined my plan. Nonetheless, I rented out a muvie (read: Fanaa cannot b classified in tht category after I saw it), and I regreted the decision halfway into it. So a disappointing attempt at movie watching.

And somehow, my mood has been as gloomy as the weather. I’ve been behaving odd wid my pals, my mood seems off most of da time n even my sense of humour luks diluted. So a disappointing mood to b in as well…

Takin it on frm thr…my favourites Germany crashed out, we had no more rains (ya nw I m complaining for no rains) n today we had this series of blasts ripping accross de city. I mean honestly these nutcracks are so jobless and so unconstructive…they totally disrupted traffic frm 6 in de evening and even nw at 12 as I type, thr r sum of pals who havent been contactable, sum stranded in buses, and sum doing the safest thing n bunking at a nearby frnds place. And even in this situation, de onli thing tht is nt disappointing is de spirit of de city. Ppl r rushin to railway stations affected wid food and water for ppl stranded and voluntarily taking de injured to hospitals. De dissapointing bit…de police reached every site after abt 2 hrs; n they dint even help much-they asked fellow citizens to help clear de debris. N to top it all, thrs a new enquiry on this serial blast. I mean cum on, is our govt so out of cases tht they can device so many cases, and solve thm at will. Or is it tht they r tryin to make a point? Wateva their pt…we dnt seem to get it; not yet at least.

And for sum final messages frm a gloomy blogger.

I’ll sign off with a few things to say to sum ppl (if they happen 2 read this…). Lissen to these lines n c if u can make sense of it

I dont know what to do
now that the world is crashing on me
I have the noisy silence to fall back to
or I could just set the silence free.

Dnt get me wrong buddy…mebe silence speaks a lot more for me. Ciao 😉


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