Back frm a sabbatical

Yeah thts wat i wud describe my month long existence as…a sabbatical. Cum to think abt it…I have really gained frm it.
For one, I realised shutting up is pointless – whether it means staying shut after 7 blasts, or otherwise. Honestly being misunderstood is so much better than being taken for granted…and having ur say definitely counts esp wen u say we are de worlds largest democracy. And by talking I mean nt pointlessly blabbering away, but making a concrete point. And if it irritates some others, thn pls snt bother. The government has no issues with ppl talking; so much so that they shut down all blogs (including Blogspot) so that ppl cud talk on fones and not on the net.
Secondly, I realised sum lecs in college are nt worth attending (hehe). And i m nt kidding…it tuk me until sem 3 to realise tht I can legally bunk (with my conscience nt tugging) and until this sem to understand that minimum attendance is just tht – a bare minimum. For a change, I was actually missing in most lecs of this particular prof and he actually asked me whr I was de other day on the stairs. And I was made to believe teachers had a short term memory (if any…)
Now for de fun part. I hv this msn blog whr I published this LS-HS list, and at least ppl read it and commented to me. So Im gonna try out sumthin here as well.
Attending all lecs in a sem…very LS. Obv since I have taken to bunking myself…my verdict is quite skewed.
Enjoying the rains on Marine Drive…very HS. Tho I refrain frm tht activity since my mom will leave me wid no place on de family tree if I fall ill more than twice a month.
Trying to work hard and finish the project to meet the deadline…confused verdict actually. HS if theres sum time left and u r working on ur own (read nt “referring” or “chaapoing” frm an existing project) and LS if u not onli chaapo but also try to do it last minute.

Chao for nw.. more cumin up later.


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