Letter to God

Dear God,
Ur email id wasnt available and homepage wasnt loading…so I thot I’d blog u instead. I mean, since u r available on cyberspace, Im sure u can chk most blogs tht are at least related to u…
I want to get straight to the point. I’ve had a really boring summer with nothing to do and nothing to get my mind off…so its a miracle I dint write to u earlier. Theres my wish list u really need to consider, and I’ll bullet it, so u can tick it off. U can go in ne order u like, tho I’d really like de CAT problem to get solved first…
– Ya the CAT problem. Rumours of our univ exams ending on 18th and CAT on 19th doesnt sound good. Pls do sumthing abt tht…I mean u can rht??
– My univ project. Yeah thts definitely a problem more nearer on the timeline. Its got to be submitted somwhere in Spetember, but I dnt understand y they want a soft copy (word doc on a CD…) now. U really hv to mail me sum matter I can add, considering u r GOD and u knw everything…( contacts for the same are also welcum, since u knw every1 as well…)
– My assignments are all clashing. U r GOD, so just mash some memories up and try sorting tht out pls…
– My presentations need new templates, so in case u hv ne new templates I cud use…mail them accross.
– Im out of pocket money to shop and I really need a few more T-shirts…so arrange something wid my Dad or my Mom, or ne distant relative, or get a new festival somewhere, or just gift me a Debit Card frm sumwhere… (and the bill…Im sure being GOD, u can handle the payment problem too…)
– The trains are never on time. And thts after an abyssmal frequency tht already troubles me. Imagine Western Railway gets a train every 5 mins and I onli get one in every 15 mins!!! (i mean u knw tht…so Im just emphasising). I dnt knw if U can officially order some change thr…but try watever u can do..
– The auto fare….its outrageously high!!!I mean sitting up there, do u commute on free chariots or wat!!! How can we, the common ppl, travel with such prices. Send over some chariots with drivers, if u cud spare them, or plssssss reduce those prices.
– I have a major problem with the rains…I mean they come and go whenever U (as in GOD) want and they keep interrupting the whole schedule here on Earth. Put up those kinda important reminders on ur website (or just set up ur own blog…) so we ppl on Planet Earth are at least forewarned. Same goes with excessive summer or chilly winters…and citywise updates are most welcome (in case I happen to travel, I can surely plan…)

Thats a long list for now…so hopefully u knw it already (as u r GOD), and u’ll already have solutions. So kickstart solutions and I’ll update my wishlist later…

Keep blogging God,
Me (the Devil…not literally ok)


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