Baramati Rocked

Yeah well, thts an understatement as well. It was over amazing!!!! All the 3 days at Baramati were soooo awesome, and all of us frm class were together and having sooo much fun tht the work we did during the day barely hit us. For those who dint cum to Baramati, I’ll gv u a blow-by-blow a/c of wat happened. The bus journey was barely fun, since we were energetic onli in the beginning and later on, we kinda became bored of the same uncomfortable position in the bus. The onli highlight during the travel was the climb on the bus, when Sapna Mam actually got super wild at us, n Malki was damn cool abt us on the bus!!!

Neway, we started with the Dairy, after which I vowed NEVER to touch ne of the packaged milk again. The Dairy stank of the milk (obviously), but the Lassi and the Chaas smelt a lot better. After the Dairy, we went for lunch after which we went over to a place for a lecture on Agri Marketing. Thn, we went over to Rohit’s FarmArea for this Agri tourism visit – and it was simply amazing. Quite, Lush green – it was sumthin we Mumbaiites barely c. And the highlight was the Bullock Cart Ride, with the sugarcane. And I still cant figure out hw Bhavesh n Avinash ate up their gannas soo fast!!! After tht, we went to the highlight of the day – the Dahi Handi. The challenge tht it was, kudos to the guys for getting it in 3 gos (special mention of our Batallion leader Dwarka who marshalled the whole thing). And after a looong day, we headed to Rohit’s Farmhouse for Dinner. And if u thot this was whr our day ended…u r wrong. The party tht followed rocked!!! And it was onli arnd 1 tht we packed up for the hotel. Even after checking in, our “deeds” on the terrace till 2 30 are too censored to mention here.

Next morning we continued our visits to sum more places. In the evening, we visited the Rural Market, which was an eye opener. And Rohit with the Pagdi was just amazzzzing.(I’ll put tht pic up in a while if I find it…). Thn we headed to Rohit’s for dinner, in traditional attire. And after an amazing dinner, great fun with the teachers after dinner and a lonnng way into the nite we headed back to the Hotel, onli for another nite of partying, n this time we partied all the way till 3 in the morning.

And thn the craziness began. Guys screaming all over, foam sprays, teachers stepping into ppls room at 4 30…kinda unsettling at the last moment, but fun nonetheless. Next morning, we were really very subdued, obv as an after effect of the nite before, and tht fact tht every1 hadnt slept the nite (or had slept an hr or so…). Still, we saw stuff, took very little in, but stayed awake almost 50% (averaging all students)… And thn we headed back for bby.

Nt a lot, many of u wud say, but to us, the trip was an amazing experience. Not onli cuz we had soo much fun, but also bcuz, we also learnt a bit. N being our grad yr, it was a golden chance the whole class together – and it was amazing.

Thanks a tonne to Rohit, for getting the whole thing together. All our faculty, for cumin along (or we wudnt be allowed to go…), and yeah – to the whole batch for making the experience soo special.

Adios till my nxt blog…


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