Post Exam Post Mortem

Yea thts wat I like to call it… Post Mortem…!!!
I did this last year as well on my MSN blog… tho this time I will delve into more details than I did last year. For those who dint get arnd to seeing it, I plan to analyse every exam and subject and professor and reach a verdict on the Sem.

Starting wid HRM. At the start of the sem I thot this was the onli subject where we could expect some clarity wid Nitin actually starting off well. But then we ended up wid a lot of time wasted on unwanted stuff, lot of lec time spent in the corridors luking for a class. And the project we worked on… no comments on how tht was executed and the debacle wid tht altogether. And the paper..!!! OMG!!! I expected length, but definitely I dint expect the university to test us on stamina more than skill. Skill in selecting the questions was more thn required, with vague questions like short notes on whole chapters, but the stamina to write even a portion of wat we knw totally put me off track midway. My verdict : Average. And I must mention tht Nitin dint even bother wid helping us out wid imp questions (tho the pattern was more a non-important question pattern)

Next is SSM. An outright disaster frm the start to the end. Wid no guidance frm the beg to the end… Kripa was our lifeline at the end of the sem. Venky onli helped wid our presentations, which were again no clue on how the theory was. And an abysmally set paper with no set questions… I was irritated at the end of the day. And I was up all nite studing for tht dumb paper and ppl who had spent onli a few hrs on it fared just as well as I did..!!! My verdict : ABYSMAL!!! not even worth more space here

Next is Logistics. Personally, I found the teaching style of both our teachers very amateurish… as tho we were 5th grade kids giving exams for the first time. Nonetheless, I will have to say our syllabus was over hyped, with ppl getting tensd jsut for the heck of it. But I luvd the part of the sem wen ppl were scrambling for classes for the numericals..n onli one very dumb numerical appeared in the paper. But the non predictable questions were not much of a shock after the 1st 2 papers… so yea my verdict will be : Above Average.

FM. Mebe its just my paranoia wid a/c and all related subjects, but I started the year wid an apprehension abt this sub. True, it wasnt as hard as I had expected it to get, since I had my own little tricks to help me out of situations. But, honestly, we spend 4 months in the sem doin practice problems, and onli one month wid the theory. And we get onli 20 marks options worth of problems!!! True, even the theory and concepts were superbly atrangi… but Sapna’s style of teaching has made me ready to cope wid all atrangi situations.. ;). Nandu… I seriously feel cannot handle BMS, since we are to energetic and non rule bound for his taste. But a nice experience overall… esp wen u see the empty train at 5 48.. :D. My verdict : Average but could hv been muccch better.

Co operatives. The icing on the cake this sem. It startd off as a big flop, wid him nt getting students to attend and tht unintentional mass bunk. And then the lecs getting canned and the piling tension.. we decided to let him take a break and left for own planet. But I hv to admit if ne paper can be described as AWESOME it was this one. Every concept familiar, every question familiar… it was truly the most amazzzing paper in this exam. My verdict : SUPERB!! even after a slow start.

RM. Another cakewalk. And every1 will admit Ramki was quite an entertainer himself. I enjoyd his lecs… and also his paper. Quite straightforward, and manageable. Tho the case study… neva mind. My verdict : GREAT.

For now theres not much more to life than the 100 mark project, which is due on the 11th, NMAT on 10th and XAT in Jan. So, in my nx blog I will def be writing abt sum of tht as well. For now… tk care n write ur exams well ppl.
Last noters – Sumeet dnt drown in Goa, Raj dont die wid tht skydive u plan during Christmas and Tammy… whr r u????
And I luv the music from Salaam-E-Ishq.. frm the title track to every other track!!!Great work Shankar Ehsaan Loy!!!

Ciao till after my exams.


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