Jessica Lal Case

For the first time, I am blogging, in the literary sense. Here I am to comment on news,which is what blogging is typically about.

The Jessica Lal Murder Case has been doing the rounds for a long time now. Jessica was allegedly shot by a man at a bar, when she refused to sell him drinks. Eye-witnesses gave a statement immediately as the trial began, but due to lack of any further evidence the case lost ground years ago. After great agitation by the family, the media took on this noble cause and Justice for Jessica Campaign began, where readers and the public at large could express their views on the case, the sentence etc. And it was on account of this large-scale public outcry that the case was revisited, with a new light and a new outlook. This time around, some key witnesses turned hostile,model-turned-actor Shayan Munshi being one of the more famous of those. But the family and friends kept the case going and built enough pressure on the judiciary and the accused to see that this case was reopened and solved.
Yesterday,at last, Jessica got Justice.The Chief accused Manu Sharma was pronounced guilty and the co-accused Vikas Yadav was one among those also pronounced guilty. Among others, Shayan Munshi may be punished for manipulating and fabricating statements to cover the crime and many others will be punished for attempting to tamper with evidence at the scene of crime.

Jessica’s sister recounts how her father made numerous rounds to the court to try and reopen the case, and to fight for his daughter’s cause. And today, finally, he will rest in peace.
This is not a very landmark judgement, considering the evidence pointed clearly towards Manu Yadav. But the fact that this case was reconsidered primarily on account of public outcry proves that the judiciary listens. And this raises the hopes of the people fighting for Nitish Katara, another victim to the high-society crime that Jessica faced.

And in another sense, this is one of the first high profile cases that Ram Jethmalani has lost, and quite splendidly lost. His arguments to defend Manu Sharma were so high handed, and according to many so absurd, that they were quite laughable, and many experts feel quite surprised that Jethmalani had the audacity to take such silly arguments to court.

Lesson learnt – It doesnt matter if ur Dad is an MP (and a tainted one at tht). It doesnt matter of u hv India’s best lawyer to defend ur case. It doesnt matter if u have enough money to pay the witnesses off. What matters is which side of the law u hv ended up on. If u r on the wrong side, all the materialistic possessions on this planet can still land u in jail. And if u r on the right side, even death cannot stop u frm getting the justive u deserve.

P.S. Any comments on this article are welcome. All views expressed here are mine,and facts stated are as true as I could gather them to be.


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