Flashback Mode

I was kinda thinking this is the best way to bring the year to an end.. at least officially.

This year has seen a lot. And I mean it.

Mittal taking over Arcelor, the entire reservation racket, Jessica Lal, Sanjay Dutt… its been a year of a lot of news. The sensex scaling the 13000 mark just a few months after a trading session was prematurely closed due to a massive crash. The RTI Act cuming in… and ppl nt knowing hw or wen or whr to use it. Shanghai plans for Bombay… still on the talk mode even after the serial blasts rocked the city, making ppl wonder if the place is even safe to live in.

And yes, personally, its been a year I wudnt want to fget. Its been better for me than a lot of other years..but thn I say tht every yr dont I??

Raj and Mannya.. this year goes out to u. This yr also goes out to my extended gang frm college.. which extended massively over the year. This yr goes out to my frnds frm skool… who r still trying hard for tht re-union. This yr goes out to Jeetu..whom I might never see again since he might never return to India. It goes out to Rahul… whom I hvnt seen in 2 years.. and may nt see for another 2 thanx to his demanding workload.

And finally… it goes out to ME!!!
Since I really deserve it..!!!

ciao in the New Year Fellas!!!



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