Happy New Year!!

Happy.. quite the opposite to how the year started at least..
But then… I chose today to post.. onli cuz happy makes sense today.. 😀

The new year started off quietly..with no “Gang Party” and no drinks and our usual Dhamaal..since our whole Battalion wasnt in town, we did away with our usual style of New Year as well..
But, I have to admit, it wasnt so happy a year at all. CAT results out (with me deep in quicksand), a miserable XAT, my usual health issues and to add to it my own complications that I couldnt quite sort out.
And u can imagine how tht would make ne1 feel.. a lousy start makes a damningly bad impression on the new year.. but it seems to have turned around finally.
Some problems are sorting themselves out, some gud news headed my way… and to top it all, Im feeling ECSTATIC!!!

My vivas are on the 19th and my results are expected on the 18th… so yea a rock is underway..

But if my good mood carries on, the vivas are a piece of cake.. and the results never happened!!

Cya till I find more to write on..


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!”

  1. Hey Gautham,Im willing to try out a story… onli my writing skills are growing weaker by the day..but as an experiment..im willing to use the luck..watch out for the ‘story’

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