Well this post is long overdue…over the past few months I’ve been meaning to make time to finish this update but everytime sumthing takes over n I get back to living the life I have n not writing it. So here goes…

My results came out a couple of days ago. I passed… with distinction. So now, Im a graduate.. YAY!! I also got admission into 2 well known management instis this yr.. n i rejected BOTH of them. NM offered me the Cap Mkts course, and Wellingkar’s offer dint stand up to my taste either. So now, Im doin sumthin else. Im working…
I work as a dealer in the Cash Desk of a financial services firm, which means, I deal in equities. Fun job, it also means more of time at work n less time to prepare for my second shot at all exams. But this seems like an experience Im willing to experiment on, since its something Im a lot more comfortable doing. As for regrets, NO.. I dont regret having given up my chance to study right now, since the one year on hand can not onli help me rectify mistakes Ive already made but can teach me suave moves I would never have considered.

To my friend Payal, congo on topping in college, n getting thru to ur insti. To Suns, congo on the blog mate. To Rajeev, I hope that u landed that dream assignment. And, lastly, to my self, congo on getting ur life back on track!!!


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