Back from Vacation – Part I

Yeah its been a kinda blogging vacation for me… post July I havent really found the time to type out anything I got down to writing… so I thought Id at least ppl know that Im onli dormant and not extinct.

Yea, work is kinda hectic.. n I for one dont even know where its headed, but its been a good 3 months for now. My next landmark is CAT 08, which is back to haunt me in all its splendour. This year I havent even found enough time to iron out the mistakes Ive made last year, so Im kinda hoping the paper is so different that those mistakes might not even matter.

On the insistence of a couple of friends, and thanks to the free time Im finding in the local trains, Ive gone back to writing. I wrote a couple of poems, got down to penning a short story and then thought of jotting down some random thoughts. Eventually, I filled a whole scrapbook with arbit writings, and I think i’ll jot down some of that over the week as a post.

Im looking forward to a couple of things over the month. Some friends coming over, the Sensex crossing the 18000 mark, and probably some headway in the CAT preparations. Any additions to that list are more than welcome, since my boredom is getting the better of me in recent times.

So till then, ciao


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