Long sabbatical

Its been a real long time since I blogged, considering I had CAT, the interviews, my new job… the entire hustle just dint leave me with ne time to blog; so minutes before Bionic Woman, I just decided to blog.
CAT was a decent affair, and so’s my new job with KPMG – The Advisory Service is probably the best area for me to work in.. a good profile and decent work hours makes it a formidable place to be in..

As for the real blog… I just wrote sumthin today that I really had to post – being a tad different from what I usually do, its sumthin that I really am looking forward to, in terms of comments
The poem is titled Black and White

I look at world around me
onli to find a wall
a wall that was there for everyone to see
a wall that stood strong and tall

it was, i think, the great divide
between the black and white
between the left and the right hand side
between the wrong and right

it stood, i think, for human belief
that was either happy or sad
that was either anxiety or sheer relief
that was either pure good or bad

it meant, i think, to divide the mind
between the dumb and smart
between wat u know, and wat u had to find
between logic and pure art

it felt, i think, like the human heart
either pure love or mere hate
either the urge to bond or stay apart
either relying on or rewriting fate

and i saw you, standing on that wall
not giving up without a fight
because u knew u werent really prepared
to side with either black or white

i knew u were looking for the mean road
that suited both the ways
and leading to the utopian abode
that wud be gray, till the end of days.


2 thoughts on “Long sabbatical”

  1. well well well. i am highly impressed at that! keep it up uma. and keep guessing who i am. Give you a clue to feed on…im desperate for an education and desperate to leave!!

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