Office TP

Its that time of the year when u realise that u had vowed to blog often, n it hits that u that u havent been upto it at all. So to make amends to that, and bore some ppl, I’ve decided to hit the blogosphere today.

Another Monday morning gets me thinking that my life REALLY needs a facelift. I mean from home to office is all I really do, and with me getting GROUNDED :(, life’s onli seeming to get worse. Nonetheless, I thought I shud write abt my life, or lack of it as of now.

Office life is quite fun, with easy hours and easy work. Since I spend most of my time in the day actually looking for work to do, Im playing the chill game to the core. Had some fun over the week touring neighbouring areas for a project, and ended up getting some good sleep over the week. The weekend brought on the party (and the subsequent grounding), so I had all of the next 2 days to drown in the misery that I had dropped myself into.

This week Im looking forward to some break in boredom, hopefully, with some friends flying down and some friends flying out. Looking fwd to the anniversary party coming up, and DEFINITELY to some more TV time, since there’s this new show ‘Life’ that Im looking to catch.

Until some more news, and some more literary ventures, Im off for lunch 🙂


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