IMT Ventures

Finally made it to IMT. Ghazi, as I told u before, is less than an hour from Delhi… of course, that doesnt involve the time u spend in looking for the college on a wrong road, and then backtracking.
In the sweltering heat, our registrations were done on the 22nd, and I discovered (sounded better than invented, which was my second choice) my roomie. And the fact that hostel life is, well, hostel life and not home life.
My schedule here till now has involved waking up by 5 am, for Yoga at 5 15. Then a run back to the hostel for a shower, a jog to the mess for breakfast (which I generally gulp down, as I’ve always managed to make it just in time for the first lecture) and a run to the academic wing for the day’s first lecture. An hour long lunch break is a reprieve in the jam packed day. Mind you, I use free time at lunch to catch up on long lost friends on wonderous modes of communication (read email).
The rest of the day involves more lectures, and then the famous Personality Development Program, which runs into the wee hours of the morning (explaining y i’m awake at this insane hour typing furiously at the keyboard…). And then a re-run of the schedule with a new day.

As for the place, the campus is considerably large, and the lawns and tennis courts will at least ensure that I can stay fit (lets hope…)I have connectivity to internet, which you wud have guessed by seeing this blog update. I also have, for the record, responsibility after a fairly long time – responsibility of my room and belongings, my health, my career, and it goes without saying my fun time. I have goten my guitar here, so I will hopefully try hard to practise so that i may get a little better at it before a particular student/bandmate gets back in town n beats me at it..

As u may have guessed, the long drawn out update is since i am unable to sleep (surprise..) and I thot writing (like reading) might have some positive effect on this erratic sleep pattern, but to no avail.
Till I can sleep at nite


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