Hey all

It’s been 4 weeks to the day that I’ve landed here in Ghazi, so I thot the auspicious day called for an update on the blog, that I’ve been promising people.

The first month here has been an altogether new experience for me. A roomie, hostel life, mess food, responsibility (tic..) is all something I’ve never had a full-dose exposure to. So I’ll begin with a timeline explanation of my month here.

As my previous post indicates, the first week went thru with sleepless nites and numerous references to shavasan (mind u.. tht one aasan was legitimate reason to be found dozing..).One week down, I suddenly realized the 24 hour clause in the day, and with the whole day to myself and not too much to do, I took to basketball, badminton, football even. Apart from this, I’ve found some time to mail, chat, and even study!! (yea, the studies is a minuscule part of the schedule, courtesy onli 5 subjects this term..) A good part of the 2 weeks after that were spent in AlCom and PlaceCom interviews.. which went on into the unruly hours of he morning. The experience was a new one, especially since I’ve never been asked to light a candle under a fan, or connect Beethoven with a question mark. Or for that matter build a bridge out of newspaper and wrapping tape. Eventually, I made it through to the final rounds of both, and opted out of PlaceCom in favour of AlCom, and Alcom opted me out in favour of some 14 others. No hard feelings there… but would have a fun experience on that front to report as well…

My past few days have been spent quizzing, which is our own internal assessment criterion, and I’ve been spending considerable amounts of time cramming for quizzes (read close to 2 hours a day..) The worst part is never the questions, or the lack of answers… but the fact that someone else knew them!!! As always, there are always some geeks who are the know-it-alls who get pitiable know-not-everythings like me into a very uncomfortable corner, by scoring a cent percent on their quizzes (and whose guilt factor is so high that they almost end up on the verge of tears on hearing that they scored 4.5 and not 5!!) It doesn’t help to be part of a batch where GPAs are paramount… I can onli hope that I cna convince this batch to change their attitudes a wee bit… 🙂

My next few days will go in quizzing, and then gearing up for the B-School events, which I plan to actively haunt. B-Plans are certainly not my forte, but then again.. wats impossible for me..??! 😉

Until the next update from Raj Nagar…


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