The Bloodbath continues

The sensex takes another dip; Lehman files for bankruptcy, BoA takes over Merill Lynch… all in the course of one day. What does it really mean..?

First and foremost, I’m gonna have to keep my fingers crossed for the next year and a half that things get back in order, or I’m doomed to a jobless career.

Secondly, and I’m genuinely sad about this, my friend the intern at Lehman, will probably be out of a summer job, and will probably have to get back in the fray like the rest of us.

Thirdly, the Indian markets so proud that they are invincible, will realise that even true invincibles like Merill and Lehman have taken a hit, and that they had better start reacting before we any domestic trouble begins to worry us.

Most of all, I’m worried about how much of this is gonna affect our work atmosphere in the country… does this mean pessimism all the way ..?? If yes, will this pessimism move in the same cycle that the crisis is moving in..? If not, how much more different is it gonna react..??

While these questions bother me, so does the fact that my marketing paper tomorrow needs a LOT of mugging… so I’m gonna put my nerd glasses on, and get down to finishing this book (Kotler btw is known to be one of the best in the field of anaesthesia; one dose and u wont feel pain, onli sleep)

Another post post the exams is due.. hang on till then


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