IMT Life

True to my style, the onli way I could have posted this first post was in the middle of class. Not that I have any apathy for rules – I merely get a kick out of breaking some of them.. 😉

Today, Monday the 8th, is officially one week before my End sems are due to begin. Yet, we’ve neither completed the course in any subject, nor completed project submissions in many subjects, nor do we have a clue about the syllabi in most courses. I have personally spent a good part of the last 5 days in completing projects for submission, and have still not completed one particularly bugging Marketing Project. My friends, Shrek, Shruti and Doc have tried to handle another particularly boring subject namely Operations Management. Another set of my friends, Pogu and Kapi were up all nite working on a data heavy BRM project, while Monu ran home to catch up on some sleep. As I type, Soni wraps up his CFA level 1 exam, readying himself for his first break in many weeks. AP and Kaj have been up for a good part of last nite tying up loose ends of their own projects, and were good company to me for the midnight snack at 4 AM.

Life here on campus, typically, is nocturnal. The 8 30 lec is a NIGHTMARE – with a major chunk of the junta in their pjs, and in sleep. The next 2 lecs generally go by in a blur, primarily because we’re just awaking. Lunch time consists primarily of waiting in queue at the mess, grabbing some averagely cooked food, and gobbling it before rushing to class at 2 15. The 2 15 class has its own disadvantage – we are sooo sleepy in this lecture, that it would take Harry Potter to keep us awake (as Tambe has rightly proven on multiple occasions..;))Post this set of the day’s lectures, we ready for our sleep sessions, or group  meetings for various projects, as the case and mood may be. Snap to 8 pm when we awake from our siesta. We spend a half hour waking up, showering, waking each other up, and deciding when to land up for dinner. We agree for dinner at arnd 9 pm, and spend another few minutes in line at the mess, and a half hour catching up on each other’s days. We then continue to spend another half hour or so walking around the campus, chilling, chatting, brooding, or just whiling away boredom.
Our routine snaps into place at 10 pm, when we resume working – on projects, committees and studies. Ppl are seen running to the library to cram for a quiz the next day. Ppl are seen travelling with their laptops from one lobby to another, to complete a project due for submission. The DLP, our in-house all nite canteen, throbs with ppl catching up on some food amidst project submissions. We spend a large part of our time on Google, merely collecting information, and Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Word, collating such information. Snap to 12 am, when we regularly celebrate batchmates birthdays outside J Lobby – the onli open space available near the dorm blocks. We return, generally well fed, and get back to working on our projects. Generally, around this time, we’ve realised that its past 12, and that we need to work FAST if we need to grab ne sleep before the class next morning. So, post 12 am, we have a much more efficient way of working – with ppl generally googling faster, thinking harder and typing much faster. Another break is due around 3 am, by when one bunch of batchmates turn in for the night after finishing their projects, and we run into the second half at the DLP over Maggi, Paratha, and Juice. All work we do post 3 am, is completely and utterly on account of panic, since we shud have ordinarily finished with this work by that time. 1 out of 5 members in a grp is generally in a verry sleepy state and needs some shut eye is he is to continue ne work. The other 4 now enter mega panic mode, and try to finish as much of the work as they can in an hour or so. An hour or so later, the 5th member awakes to realise there’s very little work to do, and dutifully finishes the work by 4:30 or so, and lets us all rest. One or two of us are still up, trying to finish the formatting of the report, the format of the presentation, or readying the notes for the presentation. We finally hit the bed at around 5 30 am, tired and cold.
Snap to 8 10 am, when we are dutifully woken up by our faithful roomies, or batchmates who are already up. We have just enough time to freshen up, change and run to the mess for breakfast. We enter the mess at 8 27, grab a piece of bread or a fruit or a paratha, and exit the mess at 8 28 to run to class. We make it to class by 8 30 am, and catch up on breakfast in class. Now, well fed, we settle for another round of sleep.

Strange how this very blog, in the 10 15 lecture, has gone by relatively uninterrupted. I haven’t been caught dozing, which is what I generally do throughout the lectures. I haven’t even been chatting, since no1 is really up at this time of the day. Nonetheless, this blog outlines a typical day in the life of a student in my B-School.

Until further updates.. ciao.


One thought on “IMT Life”

  1. Wow!!!…i didnt know u can write so damn well…
    so perfectly put in words….

    As DOC said in AP party yest…UMA is best in wat she does…!!!

    Keep writin!!!!….

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