A New Year – not a new Blog

Hola ppl… welcome to a new year – a year with its own set of joys (and griefs), own friends but the same old blog. Not that many ppl visit this blog – Nonetheless it’s not gonna change unless the Apocalpse strikes – and even then I doubt that I will be too busy changing the face of my blog in the face of impending doom.

For those of u who use this blog to stay updated with my life, here’s a round of updates.
My end terms ended on Xmas Eve, and I shuttled off home to Mumbai to spend Xmas and New Year’s. Nothing spectacular occured over this tenure… I found the time to meet most of my friends (Sorry to u Payal, Urvi, Suns, Tanu, DJ and the rest of the gang…) and caught up wid my family as well.  I was stranded on Mumbai Aiport on New Year’s owing to fog in Delhi Airport, but I arrived cold and freezing back on campus on the evening of 1st January 2009.
Notice that the end terms were mentioned in a blur – that’s cuz that’s where they really belong. Our placement week commenced on the 5th on the month, and will carry on till the 12th or so – a week in which our college’s entire establishment is put to the test and the students prove their mettle in the corporate world. There isnt much that I can publicly comment about this week – but I can assure u that it is fun for those who are working for it, and more fun for those who arent.

Campus life hasnt changed much in the last week or so.
My friend AP leaves for France for a whole semester. So here’s wishing the fellow a good time in France.
My best friend has landed in the hospital – AGAIN. So here’s wishing him a speedy recovery – AGAIN.
Will has immersed himself in his work. So here’s wishing him good time at work.
Sonam hasnt joined office yet. So here’s hoping that she does.
Rajeev is still at odds with his newly found girlfriend. Here’s hoping some sense flows his way.
Tammy is still confused about what she wants to do with life. Here’s hoping she answers the Million Dollar question.
And I am still blogging at 7 in the morning. Here’s hoping that I find some shut eye.

Till further news… Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Good Morning and Good Night.


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