Book Review

Recently, I received time off, courtesy PComm. While most of my time went in movie watching and phone calling, I used some time to read as well. And I did happen to come across one very interesting book.

Eoin Colfer created a BRILLIANT 12 year old mastermind by the name of Artemis Fowl. It’s a whole series of books that I think not many ppl would like to claim they grew up on. It’s very easy reading, and I think it’s meant for an age group much lower than my own. But it was, undoubtedly, very interesting to read.
The first book in this series primarily introduces characters – Artemis, his loyal butler Butler, his mother, the fairy Captain Holly Short, Commander Root and a host of other equally inventive characters.
As characters, our protagonist stands out as the most well written character by a long shot. A 12 year old genius, with a rich father and a sick mother make him a very well sketched character. As also, he is without a doubt a criminal mastermind that a lot of ppl would not like to have their lives intertwined with; one that u could almost loathe. But the way the young boy pulls off a very interesting heist, is amazing – makes u sympathise with his genius mind, makes u feel for the boy.
Butler, his loyal aide, is more than just a manservant – he’s a friend, almost a father to Artemis. Described in the book as a bulky man, I can onli imagine wat Artemis would’ve done to land Butler as a butler.
Captain Short, I think, will turn out to be a character to watch out for in many other books. She comes across as a headstrong fairy (yes, fairy, the ones that fly, the ones that steal teeth from under our pillows…) who is struggling to achieve something in life. The book mentions that she becomes involved with investigations relating to Fowl in future, but I sense a more long lasting bond between Fowl and Short.
Commander Root is ur average bully – likes to get his way, tries to prove his point.

What struck me most in this book, was not the characters or the story or the build up – it was the ease with which it was written. Science Fiction has been made a very complicated genre to write, read and comprehend. But the way Mr. Colfer writes this book even a 12 year old can relate to the boy genius, and understand the Law of the People. Apart from being a superb story teller, Eoin (pronounced Owen I think) Colfer writes a book that I would like to stay addicted to.

P.S. This is not the typical critique I do for a book. I’m not spending time analysing the characters, or the plot. It isnt even a book that I would write a review on. But if u can read this book, and NOT hunt for part 2 of it, I’d be more than surprised – which is what called for a review.

Chao buddies..

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