Some More Blogging

This new trimester hasn’t started off too well, and therefore obviously, I shall not elaborate on ne academic dimensions of this trimester.
Wat I will however, tell u about, is the more interesting aspect – the subjects and the profs. I remember doing this in my Undergrad year as well, and this time on a blog I will be far more candid and careful.

8 subjects this trimester to be analysed.
1. BizComm – A continuation to the subject of the same name in Trim II. Nothing to say last trimester, and nothing to add in this one. The prof, Arun Pandey, saves the day tho… He makes a good load of sense in class. Pity we onli have him once a week.

2. Biz Environment – An interesting subject on the face of it. I have my doubts on how much we’re gonna remember frm it tho… The prof deserves a mention here – Mr. Subhajit Bhattacharya has a truckload of knowledge, and he sure knows how to teach us. He can keep the class enagaged in civil conversation, and yet teach at the same time.

3. Ops Management – Again in continuation with the last semester. I dint make much of it last sem, and I sure hope I do sumthin wid it this sem. The prof V.K. Gupta seems a world of an improvement over the prof frm last sem (No names here…). In short, a subject that I hope to pay attention to.

4. International Biz – GLOBAL. Literally. The subject has very little substance, at least the way our Prof has presented it to us. The prof has an interesting knowledge base – she can spell Totoya, thinks Lenova is a leading brand in the USA and that Addidas makes good products. At this rate, I will join Hoogle, which is a leading competitor of Microfost, and create Wendows.

5. HRM – A subject that I have detested all thru my grad years. And that I continue to make no sense watsoever of. The prof, a well decorated veteran of another leading Management Institute, spends so much time gabbing about himself and his name on the roll of honours that I can’t say I know ne more of the subject than I did before joining my own BMS Course.

6. Strategic Management – Global. An interesting subject if handled well, since it means a lot of brainwork. It means reading into a lot of situations and making smart decisions in time… but it also means a load of tosh in the answer booklets. The prof… ahem… has a good deal of knowledge and even makes sense at some points in time; but I am yet to meet an educated person more stubborn and stiff as him (me excluded of course…) He cannot accept a viewpoint, and ne arguments made against him end up pinned to the wall. Yes, he’s elderly and learned and all, but some day the poor guy could just get beat up on his way to work…. and we wouldn’t know wat happened to him.

7. Biz Ethics – A very global subject, but also one that I am looking forward to. A very necessary subject for us as humans, and as managers. I can’t comment much on the prof other than the fact that at a first glance, he’ll be someone from whom a lot can be gained.

8. Fin Management – My fav subject of the term, it being the one subject that I specialised in. I Luvvvvvv the concepts in this paper, since they would carry on into my work life as well, and more so because I’m good at em :D. The prof Mr. Tripathi seems a good guy, albeit one who launches into sentences of pure Hindi a decent number of times during the lecture. He seems to have a good grip on the topic, but his style of teaching is one that engineers would probably appreciate more than I would.

This trimester seems like one in which I will need a lot more than 24 hours, since I’m gonna be off on all the sports fests and so will be utterly time deprived. I do hope it goes better than the last one – the results that are out are pretty much in the Danger Zone and the ones that aren’t out speak in Careless Whispers about how Oops! I did it again. This trimester is also the one in which I will probably do lots of trips to some areas around Delhi, since it’s the best weather to venture out in.

Until further news, Adios!


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