The Facebook 25 note

Well.. since it’s the chain that’s on Facebook, I thot I may as well be crazy and go ahead write 25 things in a note… Point to be noted is that the ppl I tag in this note must go ahead and mirror the madness, and write 25 things for us to laugh about.. (Yes… that means u can laugh about my 25, as I did about many others’…)

25. My friends call me the Devil. I used to argue initially, then I stopped… n now I INSIST on it. After all, how many Devils do u kno that arent cool and fun and absolutely awesome… and evil of course. (hee haa haa haaa….)

24. I’m a Scorpio, and a good one at that – loyal to my friends, and VERY loyal to my enemies too (give them a tough time). I do, however, believe that sun signs have no effect watsoever on ur behavioral dispositions. Still, it’s fun.

23. I dislike sterotyping ppl. No, saying I’m a Scorpio is not sterotyping Scrorpios – it’s a fun fact that I think ppl may do well to kno. I dont like ppl saying “fat ppl are so n so..” or “skinny ppl are so n so” or “IMTians are so n so”… ppl are different, at least credit them for that.

22. I luv Music. Tho many ppl (read.. Knight) wud say that I barely lissen to much, or too many genres, I like a good piece of music.

21. I luv my Guitar. I cant play it too well, or sing along too well wid it (as my wingmates will testify), but I luv the feel of singing with it. My roomie, btw, sings decently.. so I jam wid her. And I used to jam in office too. And in college too. And in skool too…

20. I luv MIKE. I think he’s awesome – I can be in a relationship wid him wid no commitment watsoever. Wenever he’s too much trouble, I simply shut him down. A few strokes and he’s all mine again. I luv fiddling wid him on my bed… it’s my favourite bedtime passtime. In short, I love my laptop.

19. Sports is an integral part of my life. I love most sports – Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Lawn tennis, Table tennis, Throw ball, Athletics, Baseball… etc.. I DO not however, like Cricket, or Rugby, or American Football. (No offence meant.. ) I think they’re pointless sports, or violent sports, or in the case of one BOTH.

18. I own about 10 pairs of shoes. For most girls, that’s a travesty. For me, it’s a logical option. I own a pair of shoes for each sport I play, and that’s all I need.

17. I think myself of a gadget freak. I like gadgets and figuring them out. I dont own too many gadgets tho… btw.. 17 is my jersey number from forever. I dunno y. I just like all my jerseys to have the same number on them.

16. My idea of a perfect holiday, wud be home (in Mumbai) wid friends, music, drinks and a dance floor.

15. I tend to leave my music system or TV volume or Mike’s Volume at an odd number – generally. I dont kno y… it’s just a coincidence… that happens a lot. Like numbering this note at an odd number…

14. I like travelling. I’m yet to visit many places in India, but I think travelling is a good hobby to have. Better still, I kno ppl who share that hobby, and actually LOVE travelling – so this is a sign to u that we shud travel some more…!!

13. I like 13. The number’s enigmatic. Some ppl hate it, others wanna luv it. I wanted to have it as my jersey number, then lost it to some high profile player. I also like Thirteen, the character on House. Too bad she’s dying…

12. I LUV watching TV. I can sit on my couch at home, wid a bowl of Dorritos and Coke and go on a telethon. I luv watching stuff from absolutely no-brainers (Buffy..) to Brainy (House, Criminal Minds.. ) to Comedy (HIMYM) to Sitcoms (FRIENDS, an all time favourite..) I miss Smallville a lot – I think I’ve had a secret crush on Superman as a kid, and watching a really cute guy become Superman is something I like to watch often.

11. This list was a bad idea. I thot I could do 50, and beat Sameer’s record, but I can barely make it past 15!! I think I need to stretch my creativity a little more…

10. I believe in God, but not in Religion. Religion, as someone put it, “is doing what you are matter what is right”. Makes sense to me. Besides, God doesnt need ne1 to feed his ego. I think he’s pretty high on the kinda world he’s made…

9. I like plays. They’re real, and more touching that cinema will ever be. I used to write plays at a point in time. I dont ne more. I am making an honest attempt to kno ppl who watch plays so I can tag along – I’m not lame to go watch a play alone.

8. I study in Delhi, and I really cannot GET this city. The ppl here are slow, lazy and think of themselves as smart alecs. They’d spot a chaat shop (chaat’s a tangy little snack) and stop walking back from work to eat. They’d stop in the MIDDLE OF THE PAVEMENT and catch up wid each other. Dog’s dont move a muscle wen u’re driving at 80 kmph towards them – YOU need to veer ur vehicle around them. Buffaloes do not move – however much u honk at them (Actually, this one’s Agra..;))A night life is non existent, if u do not have a car and chauffeur. It’s a city too slow and relaxed for me – something I can never understand. In short, Del-huh.

7. I luv Mumbai. I luv the pace of the city, the spirit of the ppl, the local trains, the wada pav (it’s like a burger, onli YUMMIER!!) and the cutting chai (that’s tea in a really small cup, and generally really unhygienic, but WHO CARES!!). I luv the fact that we have monsoons that last long enuf to give us at least 3 days off from skool. I luv the fact that we dont have to worry about wat we’re wearing wen we’re out shopping over the weekend. I luv the fact that so many attacks of the city still hasn’t worn us out.I luv the fact that ppl are cool wid shopping on their way back from work (ride in a local train, and u’ll kno wat i’m talking about..). I can go on, but I think u get the point here. I luv Mumbai. I also luv the number 7.

6. I’m not a loner, but I like some alone time once in a while. I think it gives me some time to plan something evil. No wonder ppl dont leave me wid much of alone time..

1. I think life’s really short and that if I plan long term, I dont get to live short term. So I like to do spontaneous things. Like playing badminton on a bad headache. Like running at 11 in the night. Like calling up friends at 5 in the morning to tell them that I miss them. Like getting drunk the night before Valentine’s and having weird convos (Sorry Ankira and Vicky…). Like taking up squash in 10th grade. Like numbering this point 1.

4. I dont think there’s really a perfect man. No1s perfect – Not me, not u, not ne1 i kno. Wat matters that his defects must be ones that I can live with. He must be my McDreamy – with a sense of humour, an ability to sing, a penchant for writing, and patience to stand me. He must also be smart enuf to hold conversations wid me, and dumb enuf to fall for me…

3. My favourite season is Autumn. The golden brown leaves on the ground, the trees with open arms, the wonderful chrome yellow sunsets – the picturesqueness of this image is far more than ne season. Coming in a close second is Winter. Quiet, white and the air full of snowballs and snowmen on the kerbs. We have neither season in India…

2. As a kid I wanted to be a postbox for some time. I think I wanted to mean so much to ppl that they’d pour letters full of emotions into me. Till I met the traffic policeman. I thot the power of a guy standing in the middle of the street and holding out a PALM to stop the traffic was enormous. Till I met the conductor. He handed ppl a piece of paper for money (how cool is THAT). Until I heard of the Air Force. Flying in a cockpit and saying “Roger that” fascinated me. And I hadnt even seen Top Gun then. Till I met my cousin the Army. Running behind bad guys with guns and yelling “Yaaaa” at the top my lungs was something I wud have luved to do. (Obviously I cud imagine them running at me wid guns bigger than mine..). Till I learn wat my Dad did for a living. He took other ppl’s money, made some money for them, and made some for himself too.I think I still want to be an investment banker and advisor (altho equity research is a dream that I will fulfill some day)

1. I dislike failure. I think true failure is falling and not getting up. I dont mind falling (my scraped knees will not concur tho.. ), but I get a thrill in getting back up. I admire ppl who can stand up again… even if it’s onli to fall again. But I think the spirit of succeeding is in the thot that u’re down, but u’re never out. Like I finished my 25 points in this note.

26. I like pushing myself beyond the limit. I think it’s fun to test ur limits – after all wen did “Do not charge for more than 8 hours” mean that I took my fone off the charger after a whole night. Who ever played withing the rules. Who ever thought that I’d stop at 25 😛

27. Nail Clippers are a fascinating tool. I once ran outta scissors and used them to cut a bandage off my knee. I particularly like the little pointy edge. I luv poking my roomie wid em… hehe…

28. I sleep like a log. My wingmates will testify to the fact that I am the MOST difficult person on the floor to be woken. I can sleep onli 2 hours, but not wake up. I can sleep a whole 8 n still refuse to be up. I kno that they’ve tried kicking me, tickling me, screaming into my ears, bodily lifting me up, blaring loud music. And succeeded with a simple element – Water. Kudos to Hemali for figuring that out…

29. I like reading. Again, one of those things that I do not do a lot of – in the sense that I would not describe myself as well read. Onli that I like to read. From fantasy to horror to mystery to Kids fiction. I think of reading as entertainment – I dont like reading books that use up too much brain. I like Artemus Fowl, and Harry Potter, and Lord Voldy. John Galt and Howard Roark are characters I’ve loved, but spent too much brain on. 30. I am known to argue forever for no reason. It’s a thing I do to annoy ppl. And sometimes I’ve had some very unusual arguments. The “is/are” debate with a colleague was memorable. The “ur day to clean my room” is a debate that I’ve always won till date. The “chicken or egg” debate is my favourite one tho… I’ve argued both sides at diff times with some very hilarious results…

31. I am known to be irrational at times. I dont know y. If I did, I may be called rational innit..?

32. My favourite food of all time is the Mumbaiyya Wada Pav. I can never explain y it grew so much on me. Onli that it’s a snack I wud try to sneak into hell – even Satan will have a tough time refusing it.

33. I luv Bryan Adams – have for a long time now. His songs have a raw feel to them, with gr8 listening value. Summer of ’69 is one of my favourites.

34. Dancing is a passion I’ve fostered for a long time. I used to dance a bit, then took to choreography, since it’s far more entertaining to see ppl make mistakes and make them dance to ur tunes (literally..). I want to dance on my wedding night – to some really good numbers. One Waltz, a Salsa and a Jive are definitely on the cards – plus a Bollywood dance and the groom will be one tired lad.

35. Education is something I’ve appreciated all my life. But my faith in our education system falls every year. Somehow I dont see how a GPA defines a person. I think true learning happens without grades. So, dear Dean when u read this, please abolish our grading system…

36. I luv chocolates. I mean luv luv. Luv to the extent of licking it off a table. Luv to the extent of grabbing it from my friend at her birthday bash. Luv to the extent of giving it up…

37. My cellfone is a gadget that I always travel with. It’s amazing how something which I’ve owned for not more than 4 years means so much to me.

38. I’m known to cheat a lot. this point for example.

39. And this one too…

40. Aah, and a big number looms. I always used to luv numbers tho… even as a kid I was very interested and good at math. Sadly, that ended wid me being a professional trader and doing insane calculations every second. Now, I do math wen I need to, and with my trusted aide – my calculator.

41. I like writing. Needless to say, I’m not certified as a good writer, nor do I consider myself particularly gifted on this front. But I like writing to give reality a face.

42. Moderation is the key to my living. Dont eat too much, dont sleep too much, NEVER drink too much. Dont love less, dont hope less, and dont let gravity keep u too close to the floor. Also, dont write too much – will stop at 50.

43. My family means a lot to me. I cherish them for the moments I’ve had with them. And mentally frame all the good ones. My mom’s a great cook, my dad’s a great guy, and bro’s, well, he’s the black sheep. (kidding..)They are the reason I go home. and stay there.

44. Work is fun. or shud be. Or else it’s gonna be boring to sit at a place for 10 hours. Works fun wne u have friends around. Make some colleagues friends.

45. I’ve never been fascinated by birthdays. Somehow, birthdays can pass me, and I’ll feel the same (one actually did, wen no1 seemed to remember my birthday, including me!). Unlike some ppl I kno (read Avi…) who celebrate birthday month, week and day, I can onli handle the 5 minutes of cake cut and smear. The party after is wat I look forward to…

46. I luv watching movies. And I can watch nething from Caste Away to Citizen Kane to When Harry Met Sally to Top Gun. While I still uphold the rule of entertainment here, I dont mind a bit of brain use here – if the guy’s cute. 😉

47. I formulated a chemical in the lab once that smelt really good. I later learnt that could have killed me had I even drank a sip of it. I have the knack of doing those kinda things a lot.

48. I luv driving. For no reason and with no destination. But not with no fuel. Getting stuck on a highway in Mumbai made me aware of the fact that spare tyres and a bottle of petrol EXIST for a reason.

49. Aahh…. I wanna cheat now. But I wont. My conscience wont let me. But hey, my conscience is on vacation.. it’s the weekend 😀

50. Finally. My pit stop. I am AWESOME. and so are all the ppl I kno. and so is my world. and so is this note. and so is this last point. Phew… All the best to someone to cross this record; it took me quite some time and effort to think up 50 things. But I’m sure someone can do it…. at least try.

51. I promised to stop at 50, but there are some things that I had to add as an afterthot. Like the fact that I dint run this post thru a spellcheck (I generally do…). Or that this number list has no No. 5. Or that u scrolled up to check it. Or that u scrolled back, saw this and are now grinning. I like doing that a lot. And I enjoy ppl who can enjoy that. 


Feel free to add ur own points in, via comments – If I really luv them, I’d add them to my list, albeit with reference and a bit of modifications. (Plagiarism has never been a thing for me).Join in, fellow bloggers…!


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