1 down, 1 to go….

1 year down in B-School… and this is all that comes to my mind.

I just thought I’d wrap the year up with a list of thoughts that cross my mind. They’re pretty much arbit, so dont read much into them.

1. I’m gonna miss I Lobby. Even with the very inconvenient location and extreme weather conditions, it was a lovely place to be in – it was home to me for the past year. Luckily, every1 is moving with me to H Lobby, so at least the ppl I’m not gonna miss. Vini, of course, I’ll miss you, and Megha… well I never knew u to miss u… hehe

2. I’m gonna miss the no-tension life that I’ve had this past year. The next year is going to be largely tension ridden – the summers, with the pressure of bagging a PPO, the 4th sem with the GPA crunching, placements yada yada… This year has been more or less fun – a very fun filled term 1, followed by gr8 fun in term 2 and topped up with SP Jain and Chakravyuh in Term 3. Next year – there’ll be a shadow hanging over my head…. not one that I like too much….

3. This next year will be a year to set examples – for the incoming batch, for ourselves and to beat those set for us by our seniors. It’ll be a year where we HAVE to act all grown up and mature – can’t afford to be the kids that we really want to be, or fool around as much. In short, we got to grow up.

4. I think I’ll miss all those classes. And those ppl in them. And those ppl not in them. Shrey, for barely turning up in class. Serpant King, for turning up and promptly finding a spot to doze off. Tambe, for turning up, and finding a spot to fire up his laptop to do some bhasad. Ratz, for finding a spot to turn his laptop on and WORK (but I have to admit his frequent reminders were a good help this trimester!!).Shruti Di, for her recordings in Bhattacharya’s class (which I never used btw…). Chucky, for her top class BE notes (which circulated around HALF the college!!). Somal, for pure fun in the class. Shitij and Faraz, for those purely entertaining presentations (particularly remember the one presentation in the class where the prof was the purely irritated that the two boys were making the fun of her, and of the so many countries that they had in their the ppt).Sugandha, for those awesome arguments with a particularly racist prof. Suchit, for those looooong and winding presentations. Vimmi, for those super-paced ones. Mr. Champak, a prof with a bad sense of humour and a very clever 4 year old. That projector, which has ruined MANY of my decently made presentations with its USELESS contrast settings. That class, for the many memories that I connect to it.

5. I look forward to electives – finally a chance where we get to choose what we DONT want to study (no offence to HR kids, but WHO IN THE WORLD will want to study IR??!) I am looking forward to some interesting profs, and some interesting subjects, and a possible chance to add to wat I know.

6. Looking forward to 5th and 6th sem to “livin la vida loca”. (Assuming of course that I get placed by then…). Looking forward to the next Chakravyuh, and many more visits.

7. Memories of the Agra trip, Jaipur Trip and McLeodganj trip will always remain to cherish. It’s a different kinda feeling roaming a new city with ppl u kno… ppl that u like enjoying with. Looking forward to many more trips with friends.

8. I’m gonna miss the group study sessions a lot. Anki, dozing off OPEN EYED and going… “Haan sun rahi hoon…”(Yes.. I’m listening). Hemali going “Yaar… mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha” (Dude… I dont get ne of this). Prags going “Chal… yaad karne ke liye story banaate hain” (Let’s make a mnemonic story outta it) An anonymous individual who once said “Chod yaar… pharre banaa kar le jaate hain” (Fget it dude… let’s make scraps outta it and take em along). Those sessions of accounts in the basement, those MIS sessions in G Lobby, those BRM sessions in Pragi’s room (with the hilarious stories on Soni and the 7 Ss), those marketing sessions… all have some gr8 memories attached.

9. I’m gonna miss those project sessions. With me sleeping. With no1 working till 3 am. Working till 8 am n presenting at 8 30. Working WHILE sum1 else is presenting. MAKING UP stuff on the spot. REPORTS with pure crap in em. Running around to get em printed. And most of all… the value-add sessions while actually WORKING on the project.

A lot many more things to miss are gonna crop up as I think more about it. And that’s probably how B-School is – more about the memories than about anything else. 
What I’m probably gonna miss most, as I did all my life, are my friends. The ones that I spent so much time making, and caring for. The ones that I can so easily lose if I do nothing to keep a friendship in place. The ones that I made really fast, and could also lose really fast.
Shrek, for his “cuteness” factor. For his basketball ke nakhre. For his awesome value adds during a presentation.
Soni, for his flirtatious ways and his horrendous choice in songs. For his one and onli dance step. For his gyaan on how everything can be set right.
AP, for Anarkali. And Monica Daaaaarling. And being the butt of soooo many jokes. Basically, for just being AP..;)
Prags, for having a mature streak in her otherwise kiddish mannerisms. For those AWESOME mnemonics. For those late night talks about nothing in particular, and everything in general.
Kapi, for nt having that mature streak 😉 For being a gr8 baddi partner. For being so much fun to be around. For her insanely cute innocence that I’m always gonna adore.
Mon, for being Mughal-E-Azam and such a daaaaarlin. For those MIS sessions without which I may nt have survived. For a throwball match that was KICK ASS.
Kaj, for being good entertainment. And a patient listener. And more than nething, for her car..;)
Doc, for his many insightful thots and Little Johnny jokes. For his intellectual comments. For his value adds.  
Shruti Di, for being the ultimate sister figure to look up to. And for being soooo cute. 🙂 
Maggie, for being AWESOMELY cute. And so much of a hangover of Mumbai. And a gr8 person to get to know.
DVD, for being the ROCKING mother figure of the wing. For her late nigt daaru sessions. For her not-so-late-night gyaan about how screwed up my life is. 
Anki, for being the mother figure that ALWAYS had a word to say, and a telephone to say it on 😉 For being an amazingly honest person to know.
Vini, for her really cute attires ( ahem… one particular piece that I adore, but that’s not really public knowledge). For her cute Hindi statements (which are getting better). For her peculiar sense of humour. And her CAKES 😀
And Tapu, for being the roomie who made sure I had a gr8 time this year – for being patient when I got back really late at night to teach her FM (which I never got around to teaching her at all), for being a wonderful singer to jam with, for the exams of the last trimester when she taught me EVERY subject at some point before the exam (and for her notes as well), for tidying the room up ever so often. For being a good friend.

WOW. This has gotten longer than I expected. But it pretty much sums up the year that has been. The year that was full of fun and frolic and amazing friends. The year that was another shot at academic life. The year that was my first away from home. The year our seniors graduated – some with the happiness of a good job, some with grim expectations of what the year held for them. The year that we learnt to be students again. The year I made memories for a lifetime. The year that was the Academic Year of 2008-09.


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