Wishlist – Part 1

I’m about a few hours from wrapping up my operations in Mumbai and heading out for Pune, to do my summer internship project with a leading auto manufacturer there. Yet all I can think of is blogging 🙂

So I came up with a wish list.

1. Time TIVO
I sometimes wish I had the ability to time travel. I wouldnt necessarily go back in time and make some changes to my life… or travel forward and act in a more apt path. I’d relive the moments that I really want to have relived – the proud look on my dad’s face as he dropped me off at B-School, the shocked look on my roomie’s face when she discovered what I was really about (hehe…), the first time I met a lot of ppl on campus (no names here…), the all-niters with Tapu and the Guitar, Agra, Jaipur, McLeodganj, Chakravyuh, SP Jain… u get the drift. I’d erase those moments I never want to have lived – 1st night of PDP, a losing a dear friend to the Mumbai Attacks, watching some ghory images on TV. I would never hope to play God… not that I really believe in the whole concept, but I think it’s pure headache if u try changing something in time. I’d rather… edit it for my own viewing purposes – not change time itself, just archive it a lot smarter. I’d remember the ppl I want to remember, and just “tape over” the bits that I never particularly liked. In short, I’d like a Time TIVO.

2. Omniscience (actually even 2 places works well with me…)
For more than one reason I think it makes absolute sense to be in 2 places at once – Tennis with yourself, “personalised” communication, NEVER missing an important moment in life. But why I REALLY want to do is to give my dual personality (which many of u wud be aware with) a chance to flourish… to be able to live a wild life full of uncertainty and enjoy the fun that it entails on one hand, and have a sane stable life on the other.
Besides it never hurt ne1 to know what the prof in the other room is planning in the exam hall. And it would be LOVELY to play pranks on ppl too… 😉

3. Superman for a day (Superwoman actually… but I’m enhancing the brand value here…)
This is just to fly around with no harnesses n all. Minus the underwear outside pls… my fashion sense IS a little better than that.
Plus, I can do some good work in my free time as well. 😀

4. Meet an Alien
Many ppl I kno call me an Alien (read Tapu and DVD…) So just out of curiosity I wanna meet the real set of green little guys and run a little comparitive analysis. I’d also say Hi to ET. And Jaadu. And probably be joined in my quest by my good friend Raj.

5. Learn to Hack.
Not to become a white hat or nething… tht’s just pure sad – knowing to hack n NOT hacking. 
I wanna learn to hack to become Robin Hood of the Internet world – Steal from the foolish and distribute to the smarties. I’d end up stealing LOADS from poor Tammy, but end up giving so much to her boyfriend that it’d even out there. But I dont think the same can be said of some other ppl…

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