The Summer Diaries – Weeks 2 and 3

Week 2 and 3 come together in a combined post cos I wasn’t home that week (and hence unable to post…). My outrageous comments continue to be in Italics, and note that the sarcasm is increasing as we progress thru the post…

April 20th: 1:00 p.m.

I had hoped today would be a fruitful one. Ahem. Hopes do not ALL convert to dreams.

It’s almost lunch time here, and all I can really claim to have done today includes some secondary research for the theory bit of my project. Since the audit is still on in my department, most people I need to interact with are really busy. My guide is, as usual, busy with his many duties. And hence I, with no1 to interrupt my ramblings, am going to have to ramble on again.

I’ve been able to access my personal email here, on account of a smart little trick, courtesy Gmail. However, as luck would have it, even THAT isn’t receiving any mail today. I’ve, of course, reverted to spamming the rest of the trainees’ inbox; but even THAT isn’t yielding any returns today.

In short, a useless day till now. Hopefully, it’ll get better.

 [It will do u no better to know that the day did NOT in fact get ne better. But I decided not to share that fact… or wait did I just do that…?]

April 21st: 2:00 p.m.

Today dint start all that well, so let me first give you a brief overview of what happened yesterday that dint go too well.

I returned home after office, at around 6 p.m. Needless to say, nothing much had happened in the second half either, so I pretty much went home in the same irritated state in which I have been going home for the past week.

Come nightfall and I developed a killer headache. It wasn’t a migraine; those are far more concentrated and focused at giving you a bad day. This was like the heat headache, or the I’m-really-frustrated headache, or the I-need-work headache. As a result of this, I was in utter pain by around 10:30 p.m. or so and could barely sleep at all. Ergo, I watched some Lost (finished season 1 and got started on season 2) and started the movie “X Files 1” (a very bad camprint that I have, whose source I will not reveal). Cut to 6 a.m. in the morning, and my heads feeling a little better… so I decide to rest. I’m jerked outta my stupor by a phone call at around 7:30 a.m. and realize that my headache is STILL there. So I quickly brush, eat a sandwich, and gulp down some headache medication. Snap to 10 a.m. when I wake up again, and realize that I’m late for office. Needless to say, I dint realize that I had gone to sleep, so when I got up again, I was really in a rush to get to office. I showered and got ready for office, and left around 10:45 a.m., in pain and late.

I reached office, with NOONE wondering why I was late… which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because it meant no reprimands; bad because it meant I was almost invisible in the office. My bad luck continued and I had no work for today. Completely determined to do SOMETHING today, I transferred the work that I had already completely on Mike onto the office desktop and did some quick edits before sending it out for review.

Post lunch, I’ve been completely jobless. So I quickly solved some Sudoku and Kakuro (amazing number games that appear daily in our newspapers).

And typed out something here. Just so I don’t fall asleep outta boredom.

And I wonder. Why do I not remember MY office life being so static? Is it the location? The vertical? The project? The company? Or just pure luck that I had work then and no work now…?

Back to a quick game of bubbles when no1s around… [:D]

[For those of u who have never experienced a worklife in the IT Industry (which many of us Indians have) Bubbles is an addictive Flash game which involves Bubbles (wat else..) and is a useful exercise to ur fingers when u have a lot of time to kill]

5:30 p.m.

Still nothing additional has happened on the work front and my normally patient stance to most situations is beginning to wear down a little.

I’ve spent most of the last 2 hours perusing blogs, since I had nothing else to do. Most of my secondary research is on hold, at least till something gets reviewed, so that’s probably what is my first course of action.

A word on the blogs I’ve been entertaining myself with. There’s a particularly hilarious series of posts about a B School written by a consultant. The student explains, in detail, how he spent his 6 semesters at that school, and the various profs and other “people” that he encountered during that period. What’s particularly funny to note is that very similar incidents take place on almost EVERY B School in the country… makes us wonder what makes us MBAs different from each other.

I’m so bored today that I will probably leave by around 6, and go on to take a walk or something. Cuz there really is no point hanging back here today. Work has not gotten done all day; no reason to believe anything miraculous is going to happen in the last hour of the day. I’m secretly hoping that I’ll get some time at the guitar today… and that I can continue with Lost Season 2 today, and mebe even finish that horrendous X Files movie I was watching last night.

 [Update on the movie… DO NOT WATCH even if u get free passes. And dont sue me for saying that aloud!! ;)]

April 22nd: Sometime in the evening

I took ill on this fateful day; and I say fateful because my mentor was actually IN office today.

Fever took hold of me last night and, without a thermometer, I could only say that I had fever, but I couldn’t say how bad it was. But, going by the fact that I was shivering, feeling weak, and experience sever stinging in my eyes, I can safely assume that it was fever all right.

I stayed in all day, and ate very little too; spent most of the day sleeping, and trying to regain some lost energy. As a result, I have nothing to report today, other than the fact that I’ve finished Lost Season 2.

A word on this series. Lost is about a few people who survived a plane crash, and end up stranded on a mysterious island. After a while of frantic rescue signals, they just give up and contemplate on ways to survive on the island. The series is about the adventures of the characters, how they discover the various powers of the island, and how they interact with one another.

In its first season, we meet a set of drastically different people from the fuselage, and expect a lot of heated interactions. However, for some reason, nothing of that sort really happens, and everything’s really hunky dory under the able leadership of Dr. Jack Shephard. Enter Season 2, and we have a new leader emerging, in the form of John Locke. They discover more about the island, about its other inhabitants (yes, they’re not the only people on this island) and the survivors of the tail section.

The reason I’m really watching this series is because I have nothing else to do. Devoid of all other forms of entertainment, I’m getting used to watching something on my laptop, and this does include Lost, How I Met Your Mother (an increasingly addictive and hilarious series), The Big Bang Theory (Sci-Fi humour and sarcasm at its very best), Heroes (terribly addictive) and some arbit list of movies that I come up with. (More on the other series some time later…)

 [That will probably be a seperate post altogether, and I am working on that…]

April 24th: 4:00 p.m.

It has been yet another unfruitful day today.

I turned up in office today, rested from yesterday’s holiday on account of the election. I was still under the fever, so I couldn’t really do anything other than sleep and eat; nonetheless it was rest from walking to office and sitting at the computer doing nothing.

Today, I’ve been doing nothing AGAIN. And I mean actually nothing at all. I came in at around 11, after resting for the fever that seemed to have caught on again. I came in to find out that my mentor is gone (AGAIN) and that he has taken with him all the other people that I could have spoken to. (Mysteriously, this seems to happen every time…)

So, done with all my secondary research, I was only left with the task of checking my mails and replying to them, reading the newspaper, solving the Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles from the papers, and updating my LinkedIn profile. It has been a boring day in total, and I really don’t have much to add to this.

I’m growing increasingly worried that if I have nothing done by the time our faculty mentor is in the company to review us, I’ll be in trouble. And more trouble will ensue if the mid term review that’s conducted here at our company proves that I haven’t done much.

Maybe I need to take some initiative and go bug some people… talk to them about who I need to be talking to, so that at least some work will get started.

Meanwhile, I’m entertaining myself with some trivia quiz here, and some googling that I’ve been up to.

 [YES.. Googling is a legally accepted word. I checked.]

Apr 26th: 9:30 p.m.

Yet another weekend has just ended for me, and I can’t help but wonder if the next weekend can make it here any faster.

I was ill on Friday, so I used a good part of Saturday to recuperate, and go to office of course. The day in office was, as expected, a waste of a good weekend. My mentor was busy rushing things up after the board meeting in Mumbai, so he was way too busy to waste time on an intern. Hence, I wasted the day in office. Unfortunately, it hadn’t struck me to carry along some reading material, like a good e-book, so I was left staring at a computer screen and completely bored to death. As a result of the very boring day, I went back to the room and slept like a very irritated kid.

Come Sunday morning, and I got up REALLY late; almost around noon. I then took off for Pune, just to check the city out. It seems to have a great many places to hang out – F.C. Road, where a lot of the college junta (crowd for the non-Hindi speakers) hangs out; Camp area, which is basically a replica of Linking Road at Bandra (I seem to have gotten there ahead of the crowd, so I dint see traffic, but a lot of people swear it gets as bad as Mumbai on a good Sunday evening); J.M. Road which is a good shopping paradise and a popular hangout area as well; and the place I went to called Swar Gate, which is less a hangout place and where I spotted a gaming parlour to kill time.

Pune to my place is roughly around 45 minutes, but what made the day really irritating was the heat. Not that Pune isn’t normally hot; today it was hot and humid, a combination that we don’t usually witness here, and which is a deadly combo. It drains all energy outta you, and makes you feel so irritated with God (not that I don’t have other reasons, but HEY God, you wanna bring it on, C’MON

So I returned, hot and sweaty back at Pimpri, at around 8 p.m. Realising that I was outta juices at the apartment, I went to the nearby departmental store to pick some up, and discovered that the whole TOWN shops on Sunday (point to be noted henceforth). It took me roughly 30 minutes to pick up 2 packs of juice, a bottle of Coke and some curd – a feat that would’ve taken me not more than 10 mins at a department store back home, but Hey, I’m not complaining; at least they STOCKED what I needed.

[I made a note to myself NOT to shop over the weekends in Pimpri ever again…. but I guess u’ve figured that out by now…]

This week has been, in a nutshell, depressing. No work has gotten done, I’ve been ill, and the weekend has been a disaster. Maybe I’ll get better luck this week; and if I don’t, I think I’ll just talk to someone back at headquarters and give them a little overview of my precarious position. Hopefully, tomorrow my busy mentor will find some time to guide me, and something might get done. Otherwise, I think a dose of Artemis Fowl and some Chick-Lit is on the cards.

Here’s to a better week… [Ironically, the next week wasnt ne better, but I dint kno that when I typed this out now did I…?]

[Notice how I’m wishing again…?] 

April 27th: 11:15 a.m.

It is yet another Monday morning that I have turned up in office and found NOONE to be able to talk to. Looks like my luck is running out, and so is my patience. I think I’m just gonna go up to random people and talk to them now.

Maybe THAT will throw up some useful results…

[It dint]

3:00 p.m.

Still no luck on the project yet. I’m due to talk to one the people who might be able to help me, but he seems busy with the printer for now, so I’m assuming he IS busy.

As far as hunting down random people goes, I couldn’t get myself to do it. I just COULDN’T track down someone, grab him by his collar, ask him his department and interrogate him on the spot.

Which is why I decided to mail the guy from Corporate HR and let him in on my little dilemma. At least he must KNOW that I’ve been trying hard enough, but that nothing can really come about if the people I need to talk to are simply MISSING from office. Maybe he’ll have an alternative that I haven’t already thought of, and that may solve my problem.

Note to self: Get some e-books tomorrow, just in case. If you’re bored, at least you’ll have something interesting to read that isn’t “blocked by Websense”. Also try attempting to land a desk phone here; it may be useful to CALL people up instead of just mailing them.

[It wasnt]

April 28th: 7:00 p.m.

I was home all day, so I can’t really say the day’s been good.

I was taken ill today, with quite high fever and heavy fatigue. In short, I was unable to make it to office this morning, and I stayed in all day, in bed, trying to recuperate. My head was hurting bad, my fever was high, and I was really too tired to do anything, so I’m saved of the exercise of having to report anything. I think that now is a good time to go visit some doctor and get this sleep anomaly fixed, because it aint doing me no good at all.

[The day was so fruitless that I dint even bother to ramble on. Hence, I’ll refrain from commenting too…]

April 29th: 6:00 pm

It’s been another uneventful day for me here. Apparently my absence yesterday was noted by some people in the admin dept, so they asked me how I decided to bunk the day, and i replied earnestly that I been unwell, diseased by a food poisoning. I received some courtesy “Aww, take care” remarks, and  then a crisp comment to report to someone in admin the next time i decided to call in sick.

Other than that I was invisible for the day, as I’ve always been. I received no snide comments from ne1, no requests from ne1 and certainly no advice from ne1. I was left to work at my computer screen in utter solitude… something that wasn’t so bad since i used the time i had to finish some work that i wanted to wrap up yesterday. After my meeting with my mentor I had quickly taken the time to work on the presentation, bring about some changes and attempt to make it a little easier for him to make sense of. I did some of the stuff that he asked me to, and will probably try wrapping it up tonight, or early tomorrow and run him thru it again. Maybe he’ll realise that there isn’t much I can do till I talk to enough people to make sense out of the mess that I’m in.

Nevertheless. I’ve done some work today. Which is more than I can say for a good part of the last 2 weeks. So at least my conscience is at rest now. At least I’ve done SOMETHING to earn my keep. And this makes me feel far happier than most things I have been able to accomplish these past 2 weeks. When I go home this weekend (YES, I get to go home on this extended weekend) I’ll at least rest a bit, seeing that I’ve done some work. As also, a trip home demands that I quickly begin work on the extensive report as well. I saw the format for that wretched thing recently, and I can safely admit that it’ll take a good 2 weeks or so to work on that goddamned report as well. Maybe my company knew this and THATS y they decided to wrap our project up earlier (sigh…). I also have a tentative date for me to report back to campus, so I’ll quickly plan how my last few days in Mumbai are going to span out and how early I’ll get to Delhi and what to do over the time that I’m there (read: irritating my roomie and other inmates on campus, and probably some other individuals there as well, shopping for some clothes maybe, buying myself a good badminton racquet, and probably getting me some new sunscreen lotion as well, seeing that the current one isn’t really doing its job too well).

It’s 6 20 as I finish this post (and a wada pav), and I’m going to wrap the day up here. There is nothing more I can do to that presentation without inputs from some other people, cuz I don’t know what exactly they want from it. Maybe that’ll come about tomorrow or (sigh) next week. Next week is, by the way, our mid-term review, so I need to bring some other people up to date with my activities and make them believe that it takes some time to gather people around and make some sense of their not so sensible responses.

Here’s another day wrapped up, and possibly the first that I’ve been happy to sign off on.

[Ever notice that this is the first GOOD day that I’ve talked about..? Some pathetic life I must have eh…?]

10:00 p.m.

Well, it’s been a surprisingly fruitful day at office today, and I must say that I feel a little relieved that at least something came about from the day. After getting back home as well, it’s been more or less a good day.

I got home around 7 p.m. after quickly checking my facebook account for any updates (sadly there have been none). Returned home slightly after the heat of the day had gone out, so I dint have to walk back in the hot sun, or get tired walking back home (it’s strange; I’m actually calling this apartment home…). I quickly fired up my laptop and finished some work that I had been trying to wrap up in office. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck with it tomorrow in office…

Dinner today was a jolly affair. My roomie figured out how to work a hot plate and we had… hold your breath… Maggi for dinner!! You cannot imagine how comforting it felt to have a semblance of civilisation in this place, how purely ecstatic I felt to taste something that I loved back on campus. So I skipped the idea of a sandwich for dinner and relished the Maggi instead. Probably the sandwich will be a midnight snack. I watched an episode of Lost, and got so bored that I abandoned that altogether! This from a series that I was hooked on to over the last week!! Well I just guess that Lost Season 4 is too much of a stretch… it’s just not that captivating anymore; there’s just no more mystery to it and it’s just the characters playing it out against each other.

[I have ready an Appendix for the TV series where I’ve written more about that, but I just cant seem to find it on the comp here…]

April 30th: 3 30 p.m.

After a particularly bad start to the day, my day’s back to normal and I have no work to do as usual.

I woke up late today, as on many other days, and decided to quickly shower and head to work, since today was the last working day of this short week and I dint want to be absent on the last day of the week (I mean it’s bad enough if u skip a day in the middle of the week while on Summer Training and bunking the last day of the week is purely rude). So, as I was taking a rapid shower, I also took a few rapid steps, and few things happened in rapid succession (I used rapid 3 times in this sentence, and I dint intend to do that…). I slipped on the wet floor, hit my head on the tap, and got knocked out. I was out a few minutes before I came to, and quickly decided to assess the damage. I had a lump the size of a small ping pong ball at the back of my head, but no bleeding and otherwise external injuries (I dint even hurt my back or my arms or anything…). I checked to find perfectly normal pupils (dilated would have indicated some kind of trauma induced shock) and wasn’t feeling nauseous or ne vertigo at all. I quickly got an ice pack, and lied down to reduce the size of the throbbing ping pong ball that was my head. After a quick call to the company doctor an hour later, during which he advised me to have a neuro consult, I dressed for office and left for the hospital. The neurophysician at the hospital echoed my views that I was perfectly fine at that moment, but that I must be careful and monitor myself for the next 24-48 hours.

Post that particularly boring experience, I traipsed into office (it was lunch time now, so the phrase traipsed into office actually fits the bill…). I let my mentor, who WAS in office today, know that I was back in office and ready to work and filled the doctor in. Ever since, I have spent my time looking at my particularly amusing computer screen (almost waiting for it to get up and dance or something…) and typing out mails or reading up on news. I haven’t achieved anything in particular today, but I hope to do so before I leave so that I can spend my weekend in relative ease that I will not be butchered in the mid-term review when it commences.

More on my uneventful day later…

[Somehow the day was so bad that I decided to stay off the computer the rest of that day. And head back home!!]

May 1st: 10:00 p.m.

It’s day one of the long weekend that I was lucky to find myself, and I’ve spent it just the way that a weekend must be spent – sleeping and lazing away.

I found myself waking up at 5 pm, after a good 14 hours of sleep (I’m told that it’s unusual to sleep that long, but considering that I’m finding myself in good circumstances after almost 2 weeks, I think I’m entitled to indulge myself a little). After waking, I took out on a little drive, and ever since I’ve been relaxing… taking in the sights and sounds of the place I call home. I intend to spend some time tomorrow with my Grandma. Probably even go shopping with her, watch some brainless TV shows with her maybe… in short, I intend to spend some time with family this weekend. Maybe I’ll have more to report tomorrow… but in the absence of any further reports, it can safely be assumed that I did nothing. 😀

[I really did NOTHING that day. Worse than a day in office..!!]

May 2nd: 6:00 p.m.

Day 2 of the long weekend, and I can proudly claim that I’ve wasted it well.

I travelled to my grandma’s place today, helped with some shopping and relieved her of some of her tension. We (my mom n me) did some small time shopping to carry her thru the week, and just headed straight back home. I travelled in the irritable ST buses (State Transport buses that look that they are gonna fall apart any instant leaving you guessing when it’s gonna break down and you’re gonna be stranded on the highway) and thankfully reached home in one piece. Ever since, I’ve been catching up with some friends and I think I’m gonna stay in today as well, and spend some more time online, trying to reach some friends and do some quick surfing. Otherwise, I’m gonna spend my weekends that most average humans do – sleeping and on the phone with friends.

[Again a note here on average humans. By that I mean average FEMALE humans, which means average girls in the age group of 18-22; hence if u r not in that specific profile u r not an average human… u probably arent human at all… (so much for the Men are from Mars postulation huh…?)]


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