The Summer Diaries – Week 4

It’s nearly a month for me now. And these diaries are becoming increasingly the only source of entertainment for me at office (of course other than the e-books and the puzzles online…)

May 4th: 12:45 p.m.
Aah. Lunch time approaches yet again. And I’m jobless yet again. And bored, yet again. And frustrated, yet again. And typing furiously at the keyboard wondering how to waste time, yet again. *Sigh*

This world must really be coming to its end if I’m typing this over and over again, and nothing ever happens. God must really be busy with solving the issue of the swine flu, or he’d have at least come up with some solution to my ever growing troubles. (Not that he dint… e-books are a good option to staring at the computer screen endlessly in hopes of some miracle occurring at your screen).

I wish, and this is an off-the-weekend wish, that something would happen at work…

 [U must understand that by now I am REALLY desperate to get some work started, since my a** is on the line to get something done. Hence, the wish; and the tone of frustration]


May 6th: 6:00 p.m.
It’s official now. I am in TROUBLE.

We just received a very official looking mail from corporate HR reminding us that our mid-term review is up, and that just reminds me of how much trouble I am gonna be in, if some miracle doesn’t happen soon. And I mean really soon.

I arrived in office today glad to find my mentor and most other key personnel in place. Not that it really helped me – I met him and let him know that my mid-term review is up, and he quickly instructed someone to help me out; it’s been half a day, and either help is slow, or on holiday. Still, at least he KNOWS now that I can eventually land in trouble, and I doubt he wants something like that on his conscience.

Today has been, on all other counts a very slow day. Especially since the mailbox error yesterday, I received a tonne of mails in the morning and quickly replied to the most urgent ones – the one regarding my feedback for the mid-term review, the one from my faculty mentor requesting an appointment for the 14th, one from my wingie asking me to take care of myself, one from my roomie asking me how I was, one from my friend assuring that me that his holiday in the Gir Reserve is safe… u get the drift. Lunch was good tho… I liked the baked-beans kinda stuff. Post lunch the day has been quite typical – with me staring at the computer screen with an E-book propped on it. Today I have completed the whole Artemis Fowl series, and I must say that Eoin Colfer really does have a gift. I completely adore the 14 year old genius, his fairy sidekick, his giant bodyguard, his partner-in-crime dwarf and all the various troubles that they always seem to be in. (One appendix on the Fowl series is definitely on the cards). Other than that, there hasn’t even been ne good news today – no company gone bankrupt, no stock market crash, no celebrity death; in short a boring day for the world at large.

Seems like Murphy’s Law is kicking into place. EVERYTHING seems to stand still on one day, and there’s Jack u can do about it.

Until further reports, I will get back to some other e-books…

[A day or two later a Good Samaritan send me a tonne of e-books that I am yet to read, but that I will forever be greatful to him for.] 


May 7th: 6:00 p.m.
It’s weird that this is my first post for the day. And it’s also weird that something actually CAME out of today. 🙂

I finally got someone to send out a mail to his colleagues that i m around and that i need chaperoning. Luckily, I was able to meet one person today itself and get some sense on the project from him as well. He’s assured me that some other remainder of the explaining can be done by his subordinate tomorrow and that, along with some more discussion with his over the next 3 days or so should wrap up my discussions with his department. I’m hoping that I can meet at least one other person tomorrow, so that maybe 2 departments will get wrapped up by the end of this week, and by the time the faculty reviews are up, I’ll have something to report to my ever-so-eager-to-hear-me-out faculty guide and the now-u-see-me-now-u-don’t project guide.

I’ve written very little today, since I’ve spent time doing… I can’t imagine what. I dint really surf that much today. I dint read ne e-book today (not as much as I usually end up reading). I dint chat much, dint spend time on the phone, and dint even have that many mails to have kept me busy. Wonder where the time ran off today, and wonder why the hell it doesn’t happen like this on other days. I have completed an appendix to the diaries, the one on TV series, and it’s on the anvil to be posted. I also reworked a bit more on my master presentation, and have got some reviews from a colleague of my mentor (the blessed soul who sent out that angelic mail) to be able to work on. I’m still gonna be really tight on the schedule especially with the week coming to a quick end and the final presentation requiring 2 rounds of review internally here itself… Of course, I did expect this problem would arise right when I spent 2 weeks with nothing to do, but now it’s confirmed that I’m in trouble if I don’t start meeting about 2 people an average on a day and start wrapping up things here. For all blanks in the equation, of course, I have my own wild imagination to rely on. 🙂

I intend to start some other work as well today. Namely, working out. I’m not gyming, since that’s against my moral principles, but lose weight I must, and so work out I must. I sense a disturbance in the force and don’t intend to let it hinder me. As Master Yoda would say, “Shed the flab u must, and then the goal of lean and fit is yours to have…”. To Master Yoda…

[Master Yoda is a great source of inspiration to me. So what if he’s 2 feet tall, an alien, talks in riddles and dead…?]


May 8th: 3:45 p.m.
It seems that just as something goes right with my work here, something else goes wrong.

Just yesterday I was so happy that I was able to speak to people regarding my project, but this morning things went back to the way that they were… no one to talk to, busy people and no work to do again. For some reason I was hoping that SOMETHING might have changed. But appraisals have begun and apparently people are gonna be kept busy for the next 2-3 days. Which means another week with very little work done, one week closer to the deadline, and more pressure on me to finish this goddamn mess.

I may sound frustrated and thoroughly repetitive now, but I have no option really… I CANT talk to ne1 else, telling HR that there’s a serious problem here is also not gonna do much for me, and I no OPTION but to finish this project within the deadlines. GOD. REALLY. SEEMS. TO. HATE. ME. (Yes, the CAPS are to kinda magnify the feeling in that comment). If there’s any way to turn this around, I hope that it presents itself really soon. Really really soon.

[I dint know it until the next day, but something actually did go better the next day]

May 8th: 11:00 p.m.
I’ve just completed the post, the very tiring journey back to Mumbai and a long day at work before. One helluva satisfying day.

Work was, well, pretty decent today. Had a 2 hour long discussion with one of the department heads and got a very detailed understanding of their department. So now I at least have ONE department chalked out of that list. I have at least 7 others to go, and barely more than 2 weeks, so its not sounding too comforting… but at least its a start.

The Appendix on the TV series is ready for posting, and it’ll be online soon. So until then, happy reading and wish me luck guys… looks like I’m gonna need it.


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