The Summer Diaries – Week 5

This week is gonna be a little fast paced, cuz I’ve onli just realised that my a** is on fire. So a lot of stuff in this week is gonna involve hunting ppl down and catching ppl in the middle of hallways (both of which I ensure u actually happened as well…)

May 11th: 4:00 p.m.

It’s been a disastrous day for me. Period.

[It’s surprising… even as u grow up u end up detesting results – grades in school, grades in B-school, performance appraisal results… and looks like they just DONT get the point do they…?]

I heard that the results for our term were out, but I dismissed them as rumours and went on. However, it turns out that they really ARE out, and my grades, as u can guess now, were not that gr8. In fact, they were what I would describe as downright awful. And I cant seem to digest that fact yet.

As also, while I had planned 3 interviews or so for the day, I onli got one done, and I suspect it’s not even that important in the larger scheme of things. Nonetheless, I’ve done some work today, so I’m at least a little content that something went ok with the day

[It’s such a pity that I have to console myself with “some work done”…]

May 12th: 6:00 p.m.

Today has been, literally, a rocking day.
[I dint really realise till later that evening that rock WAS a good part of that day. Heard some really good music that nite…]

I’ve been able to speak to a lot of ppl that I needed to speak with, and get some good inputs from them. I also met a certain executive who, at first, had completely changed the entire outlook I had to my project, but I did some careful reading and included his recommendations as a phase in the implementation of my project (can’t bother boring u all ne more with work talk, so I’ll stop right there).

The point is, I’ve had a good day. A great day by my usual standards. A day when I’ve actually been able to get some work done, some inputs in, feel a little worthwhile. I also finished the second book in the Twilight series, and I have to admit that Stephenie Meyer has a certain charm about her way. She makes the entire story appear to be so real, so relatable; even though it is strictly fantasy, she makes it seem like good, readable fiction. And, more importantly, I cant WAIT to find out what happens to Bella.

[And netime now I’ll be promising an appendix on the books…]

I intend to head back home today, happy and content, and probably go on a walk. Maybe I’ll shop for some necessities as well. And I’ll definitely watch some entertaining movie and chill out. And yes, I have some work to do on the presentation that I MUST attend to, and also start some work on the report that needs to be looked into really soon. Maybe I’ll have a good time today after all… 🙂

[Wishful thinking I tell u… it’ll never get the better of me…]

May 14th: 3:00 p.m.

It’s been a strange day today. I arrived early to office in an attempt to maybe catch some ppl around that I may be able to talk to… and it seems all of them had beaten me to it. Looks like 2 bad days in a row is happening to me…again…

 [of course, by now I’ve gotten the hang of it… but it looks like I really want to drive a point home here…]

Let’s start with an overview of yesterday. I did NOTHING. All day!!! I intended to meet one executive sometime in the evening, but he seemed to have forgotten it, and hence I dint end up meeting him at all. The rest of the day I had spent running up and down the stairs in an attempt to be able to meet someone… and it turned up pretty useless. The useless exercise finally ended at 6, when I went home to get some exercise. Sadly, I was so tired from the boring and useless day that I was not even in a mood to walk too much… I turned around after walking barely 20 mins in one direction, did some quick shopping and headed back home. After getting home, though, the anomaly started. I wasn’t ABLE to sleep, even tho I felt I NEEDED to sleep… so I was kept up almost all night, with desperate attempts from friends to attempt to get me to sleep. I eventually crashed sometime really early in the morning, and so I decided to check in early today… probably even have breakfast at the canteen.

[The fruitful part of that day as I remember it was a hypermart named Magnet, from where I got me some dearly needed Coffee Powder and some snacks. The rest of the walk wasnt even that much fun…]

As luck would have it, I arrived to the canteen just a tad bit late for breakfast, and consoled myself with good tea instead. I returned back to the desk and quickly tried rushing around to check in with my “bakraas” (that’s what I’m gonna refer to them as now, since that’s the kinda reaction I inadvertently end up getting from them). To add to my woes of the day which had begun so bad, NOONE I needed to talk to was available in the morning!! (Luckily, I caught one of them early on and made him commit to meeting me tomorrow, so I’m gonna hold him to his promise tomorrow). Also, I’m not sure if this extended sabbatical is doing me any good at all, since I think I’m gonna fall back on my schedule sometime soon…

Nehow. My faculty mentor just left after finishing his assessment of what he feels I’m doing here… and I dint get the impression that he was very unhappy about it. Nonetheless, it means a turning point in the project… it means working a little faster to wrap things up and factor in feedbacks cuz the end of term review isn’t all that far now. *Sigh

[*sigh again]

I’ve finished the third of the Twilight series, and I’m promising myself an Appendix on the books sometime really soon. I’m really coming to enjoy then series, and look forward to the next movie as well (and CUTE Edward Cullen is onli an added factor…:))
[aah.. THERE’s the promise of the appendix. Mebe I actually WILL write one…] 

Till any further updates from this side of Hell, I’ll sign off…
[and by that I mean this side of the world that boils all day with barely ne relief at all…]

The weekend

No dates required on this one. Cuz it was a consistent state. Nothing done. Onli slept. And dreamt. And wished for a better next week.


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