A new year… A new start…?

Second year at B-School, and I have to admit not much has changed.
Well yea, I moved to a new lobby. But it’s still the same roomie. 😉
Yea, we’re the senior batch, but I’m still younger than most of the ppl on campus.
Yea, I’m pursuing my Majors in Finance, but I still got the same rusty guys teaching me stuff they taught me last year.
Yea I completed my Summer Internship at Mahindra, but I still gotta fill the same form (read: 5 pages and exhaustive) AGAIN.
Yea the amphi parties have onli just begun, but ppl still get as drunk as they did last year.

SO what really changed in this year…?

For one, the landscape (and the guys in the batch DEFINITELY enjoy this scenery more) 😀
Also, the economy. It’s looking a lot less gloomier than last year, when our beloved seniors were fighting hard to land the comfy jobs. I’m hoping that we dont need to fight as much… but that’s another story altogether.
What’s also changed is our mindset. One year down, we’re a lot more prepared – for pulling all-nighters to submit an assignment that we could have easily panned out over 3 days; for amphi parties where we get so drunk  we dont remember WHO got us back to the room; for exams that STILL mess with our confidence levels, but that we dont really care too much about neway; for the roomie asking you to wake her up for the 12 pm class, as she slides into the bed at 10 am; for the days when u go “Oh SHOOT, I’ve missed 4 classes now I’ve just GOT to get to this one”. For practically nething that gets thrown our way.

But what will never change, is our spirit. We’ll never change from being the fiery batch of 420 who fought so hard to floorspace at the Fresher’s Party. We’ll never change from the being the batch that revolutionised student life on campus. We’ll never change from being the dynamic batch of 120 Fin students whom the rest of the batch always look to as the “nerds who are be herded around the library”. We’ll never change from being the batch of 60 who’ve sent teachers out of the class wondering “How, dear god, HOW did I get into this?”.

I’ll never change being the person who can make even the simplest of statements sound like an eloquent statement of facts that even the keenest of individuals can be befuddled by the sheer weight of words used. My friends will never stop being the ppl who’ll call me at 3 am (perfectly decent time on campus I must add) to say “Chal Chai peete hain” (Cmon, Let’s have a cuppa tea). Tapu will never stop waking me for the 10 am class (aided by the faithful neighbour-next-door and the ‘Branded Food‘ down the hall). My mom will never quit asking me if my day went well, even if she KNOWS she’s calling me at 4 pm, when I’m deep in slumber and I dont know a word of what she’s saying. My bro will never, EVER, send me nething for Rakhi (an Indian tradition where the brother…well, coughs up some cash in return for a string on the wrist that says “You’re a Bro”) on account of that fact that I keep forgetting to send him one. Rishi will never remember that it’s Rakhi. Raj always will :D. Suns will still have quirky (and interesting) one liners as her status msg. Payal will still never be found online. Tanu will still complain that I never meet her when I’m in Mumbai. DJ will STILL cuss about it to me. Mittersain will still say her day’s been “blah” (btw, u shud copyright that word fast, it’s catching on). MC will still make loud noises while typing out surprisingly short mails and IMs on his hilariously ancient computer (God bless it’s soul).
And I will never stop thanking them for being what they are to me.
And yea, I will continue to befoul them on internet. On my blog. And via my notes. 😀


2 thoughts on “A new year… A new start…?”

  1. You looking for a CHANGE??? Done!!! Won’t wake you up for your classes now onwards…. :P………..whatssssay????

    1. Sweety… I’m saying that it HASNT changed and also that it WONT change. 😀
      and YES I do want to be woken up for classes… 🙂

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