Trimester 4 – almost there…

A whole semester is almost thru and yet again, we’re in the same shape as we were before the exams – lost, confused, and agitated. Lost, with no syllabus. Confused, with no one to tell us what NOT to study. And agitated, that the above two can happen to us AGAIN!!

One Trim down, I’m a lot happier with my subjects than I expected. SAPM stands out as a topic that I learnt enough from. SCF remains as one that reinforced a lot of what I knew. IBFS, I dont get. MR, I really dont care. And DM, I do care, but haven’t learnt nething new in. Overall, a decent pick.

This trimester also brings with it a finality of sorts. One that my future will almost be sealed soon; that this is my last chance to give fate a fight. And, by the looks of it, fate’s cheaing already. With a messed up time table, negative marking, crappy syllabi, and barely ne time to spare, the exams are almost around the corner, and I’m wondering HOW to finish all of it.

‘Nuf said. I’m gonna get back to some studies to fight. And get some coffee to fight off the sleep that’s catching up with me.


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