New Year – yet again!!

This year truly has flown by… the semester flew by, exams rushed by (they’re still rushing by…), placement season ran by… it’s been a rollercoaster year for sure.

Some things I will always remember from 2009 include:

1. Getting placed!!! Not that it’s my first try at a job… but it feels good nonetheless.
2. Breaking my vow of an almost chocolate-less last year.
3. Winter of ’09 in Ghaziabad… it’s been so chilly already, I cant wait for Chakravyuh when we will be freezing our a**es off in the cold.
4. Summer of ’09… it’s had many wonderful memories, some that I hope never to forget in my lifetime… 🙂
5. My last hand at mid-term examinations.. and my last serious attempt at examinations altogether.
6. Tapu… my roomie, my friend, my sister… not that she wont be around in ’10… but I’ll remember 09 as the year when she turned from roommate to friend to family.
7. Chakravyuh. In more ways than one, it’ll be the event that brought me close to many ppl, realised my dream of playing again, and made me feel my true worth. Winning, of course, was an add-on.
8. The MANY birthdays that we celebrated in earnest and with a great BANG this year! Kudos to the whole gang for making this a year of very memorable birthdays (and other parties, lunches, dinners etc.)
9. Getting back to blogging. I spent the whole summer, and a lot of time after on m many blogs… and while I’m not too sure I can keep it up, 09 was a year that I spent more online than offline.

I could write a list that spanned a 100 things… but these will remain the top 9 of ’09 for me.

Many ppl will spend this time of the year reminiscing about their year in photos, FB statuses, Tweets… but this year has been one that has had many implications for me. It’s been a year when I’ve spent time building my career, cherishing my student status… and yet yearning to get back to the real big bad world.

Here’s hoping that everyone relives their year in these last few days, makes the most of those best memories, and gets all they wish from this new year. Let’s ring in this New Year with hope.. Hope that the stains of last year may be washed away, that the tears of the year gone by are replaced with guffaws of laughter from this new one, that old friends remember to hang on for yet another year, that those old flames remember u, that life may be less ‘complicated’ this year, that some friends may get a (new) job. Let’s all hope… not just for ourselves, but also for those we care so much about; let’s make 2010 a Year that’s all about the ppl we care about.. let’s make it a year for Friends – both long lost and those that we spend much time with.


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