Slambook – Batch of ’10

I noticed that our institute doesn’t have a formal slam book, or batch book, or any memoir that we take back that reminds us of the whole batch. I realise that this may be on account of the fact that a batch of 420, and a page for each person means a book thicker than some of my course books.

It also spurred in me the idea to start this slam book ONLINE. Not that it’s too easy to manage, considering that my blog gives only ME editing rights, and that means a lot of people sending in images and/or captions and/or write-ups.

So I thought of a way to overcome this problem.
I would be happy to START the slam book, with some posts about some batchmates whose photos I already have. It’ll be a thread per person, where ppl can write utter rubbish, great praises or trivia… complete freedom to bare the person (keeping in mind a level of decency).
Alternatively, we could carry out a discussion wherein each person COMPLETES a slambook entry of ONE other person on campus, and we can then post it on some kind of a common forum, be it Facebook, or some other blog, or even Google Doc it, and then print it later on. The person would be responsible for contacting other ppl, getting their expert comments etc etc.

As an initiative, this isn’t too time consuming… but it’s definitely something that we would like to carry with us as we pass out of here. It isn’t a reaction to the emotional pressures that we ought to feel coming into the 6th trimester either… it’s just a way of saying… “We’re the Batch of 2010!” – a way of saying it in our own style.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this…


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