The Slambook in Action

My last post on the Slambook idea got some ideas, both on Facebook and off it. So I asked around, and found some help to get it started. Below is our first attempt at launching this on the web.

It’s a simple blog… with one post per person in the Finance Batch (excuse me for this, but I had to experiment on SOME batch to know if the idea was feasible and acceptable, and I saw perfect Bakras in these batchmates 🙂 ). All you have to do is scroll down to the person that u want to comment on (say me) and click on my post. That’s simple. Then post whatever u want about me in the comments section… it cud be a nickname u refer to me as, a characteristic of mine, a particular comment/phrase that I’m caught saying all the time, some incident tht u recall which was particularly memorable (for whatever reason 😉 ) etc.

I’m hoping that people get started on this soon… it’s a pilot event, so I have to say we are waiting for some response to take a call on how to take this initiative forward. Again, my blog isn’t very highly read, so I’m hoping all u Facebook users can spread the word around and get some of ur batchmates to take a shot at this. I understand that it’s onli the Fin batch, so all of u might not even KNOW all of us, but it would be nice if u could at least comment on a few ppl tht u wud know(Hint: Me 😀 ).

Just a tiny request. Refrain from anonymous requests… not tht they are illegal… they just kill the fun that we would get from attaching the comment with a name and a face. A special thanks to Karan Aggarwal for getting this blog up and running so soon…Thanks Bro!

Let’s hope to see some activity here. I have some more ideas on taking this Slambook offline as well, and I’m working on implementing that depending on what kinda feedback I’m getting from here. If u have ne ideas and/or other slambook suggestions, pls feel free to comment on my blog or FB or drop in an email or a ping and I’ll get back to u soon.


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