hakravyuh ’10 – the experience of a Lifetime

No… it’s not a typo; it’s exactly how the organisers wrote out the name of the event this year. The Capital C was lost in a circle that encompassed the rest of the word, so for some unfortunate reason the digital world was filled with the resounding question, “Yeh hakravyuh kya hai..?” (What’s this hakravyuh?).

Chakravyuh ’10 was one that I personally will cherish for many years to come. Firstly, ’cause it’s the last time I will compete in a sports event playing with a full-strength team. Well sure, we’ll kick some ass at SP Jain again… but playing as a part of Team Kshatriyas was one that I loved last year and enjoyed this year as well.

Secondly, ’cause we won it twice in a row. I’m quite sure it’s happened before, and that it probably may happen again as well; but it’s damn right awesome to do it myself. Team Kshatriyas this year had a contingent of juniors as well, and I’m hoping that they can feel the same awesomeness that I felt this year.

Chakravyuh ’10 taught me some valuable lessons too.

1. NEVER underestimate they opponent. Even if it is a 5 feet something-er waving a second-hand tennis racquet at u in the face. (This is no reference to ne person in particular… it’s just a point I’m driving home)

2. This is the golden rule of the sporting world. You are only as good as ur LAST game… ur entire career can be broken in one match where u made one silly error, and u’ll end up as the loser. No matter if u were the champions last year – THIS year depends on nothing, but this year.

3. Keep ur team close. U never understand the value of a whole team until the moment that u cannot stand up at the court, but some teammate steps in to take in place – unprepared, yet completely willing. This actually happened to me, and a big thanks to the whole team for carrying that one off brilliantly (Bravo Sonica, Divya, Monica and Ankira)

4. An ocean is made up of little drops – don’t lose out on the little drops in the sight of the big ocean. It might not always be possible to win EVERYTHING all the time – but at least settle for winning a little of everything… u never know how the little drops add up to that ocean.

5. Age is not a true factor of how sporting u r. Our Alumni team beat the shit out of us at some sports, and made us realise that all that really counts is spirit. (Remember Bryan Adams – 18 till I Die)

Special mention of Team Titans – a team that I respect for their spirit, and their ability. They got really close to winning the tournament, and the onli thing that kept them off was an unlucky draw of lots.

Another thing that I hope I can drive home here… is our OUTSTANDING sporting culture. Anshul Sir from the Alumnus team made us realise the fact that we have a brilliant sporting culture here… and all we need to do to defend the title each year is bring that spirit together across the college. I know that all said and done, this time next year, there will be members from 2-3 IMT teams writing about how they could have done so much better if they were in one awesome team… but I really hope that ppl can realise that we’re stronger as a bunch of twigs than twigs alone. In an unfortunate series of events this year, many great sportspersons were split over many teams (reference a Mr. Bangdu, and a Mr. Bebo) – a fact that I personally regretted, since I would have loved to see one official IMT team kick some serious ass in all events. I am aware that this Kshatriya – Maharathi – Titan warfare may wage next year as well, but this is an appeal to all our juniors – realise the fact that one OFFICIAL IMT Team can beat ANY team in ANY sport – just gather the guts to put that team together even if you aren’t a part of it. The sports field is not one where u bring ur egos in – it’s one where u bring ur abilities in.

After this seemingly direct sermon, it strikes me that there is another thing that I will remember Chakravyuh ’10 for. It drives home this rash reality that college life is ending once again, and that the big bad world (not all that bad…) will be out to get me once again – when the rest of my team wont be around to save my ass, and when I wont be the “Aiyer” that everyone knows… where I will be just another person that ppl will care so little about. It makes me realise that this wonderland is about to dissolve, and that I, Alice, will have to emerge from the rabbit-hole that I so lovingly dove into.

Thank you IMT, for this awesome event. Thank you SportsComm, for making it so awesome. And thank u Kshatriyas – for making it so memorable for me.

And on this note, I end this post with Bryan Adams’ resounding words.

Man we were killin’ time
We were young and restless
We needed to unwind
I guess nothin’ can last forever, no

And now the times are changin’
Look at everything that’s come and gone
Somethimes when I play that old six-string
I think about ya wonder what went wrong


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