The A-Z of IMT…

The A-Z of IMT… THIS is what it has meant to me

A is for Alumni
the rocking old gang
u’ll never need to wait more than a year
to see them back with a bang

B is for Bhasad
that goes on behind every classroom door
and all the time in between
then and the Amphi at 4

C is for Chakravyuh
our very own sports fest
where everyone has a bunch of fun
and ur nerves and skills are put to the test

D is for DC
our trusted network aide
from where we get all the movies we need
n the producers never get paid

E is for our Exchange Program
where our campus is filled with Parisian chicks
and when our desis go abroad for a whole sem
and find ppl of different cultures with whom to mix

F is for the Football field
the one that all of us love
where cricket and footie are played side by side
the place that memories are made of

G is for Gorgeous Girls
that i know this campus will lack
but learning how to make do with those on campus
that, my friends, is a valuable knack

H is for Hot Paranthas at DLP
even at 4 in the night
and a place to chill with all ur friends
and make ur hard day seem so light

J is for J Lobby
our full-time party spot
our birthday haunt, our hang-out joint
that place has seen wat not

K is for Kapil Mohan
that horribly congested place
where we’ve spent a lot of dreadful time
during our placement days

L is for the Library
the place that most of us never visit
n if we ever dop by the place
its for an AC and a chair to sit

M is for Mehkar Singh
the most famous guy around
when the lights go off at nite
“Mehkar Singh generator chalao” is the sound

N is for Needz, our in-house store
where u can get all u need
its a not-for-profit general store
so u’re really doing a good deed

O is for the many Open Houses
that we attended day in n day out
where we keep getting our dose of bhaashan
n are told what rules not to flout

P is for Placecomm
and all its many P’s
if u can take a Panga with them
they’ll debarr u as they please

Q is for Quizzes on OLT
that we’ll never learn to max
no matter how much we’ve mugged the syllabus
and now matter how much we know the facts

R is for Roomies
the ones u can never forget
either they’ll be the best of friends
or they’ll make living on campus full of regret

S is for for the SP’s bungalow
that’s located right next to ours
from where the policemen come running
when we party in the morn’s wee hours

T is for Tyagiji
the champion of the computer lab
apart from his innovatives passwords
he’s gifted with the gift of gab

U is for uthfulness
that you’ll in plenty around here
may it be in the colorful ambience
or the many bottles of booze n beer

V is for Valmiki and Vidur
our most boring classrooms
where we’re mostly sleeping thru boring classes
and the sweepers come shoo us with brooms

W is Wi-Fi
our source of news and fun
a day without this unlimited net
JUST cannot be done

X is for the endless Xams
that we’ve written in our time here
for which we’re found cramming the night before
n never during the rest of the year

Z is for Zephyr
our online source of fun
be it movies, files or software
there’s nowhere else to run

Y is for Yellow
the colour of our convocation robe
the colour that’ll be streaked across the skies
when we take over the globe

And I is for IMT…
the place that truly rocked
we all got so close to it
it left our parents shocked.

And even as we leave this place
we make ourselves a little vow
that forever the fabric that bind us together
is nothing but “IMT Aao”


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