Back to office…

It has been a relatively quiet life for me the last few days… no noise around me, a soothing air conditioned environment, the soft tapping of keyboards, the soft beeping of printing machines… the office is back in my life..!!

Monday the 12th began quite serenely – a quick meeting with the HR, and I was ready to meet my bosses and my team. Enter my boss and VP, M&A. My team is an all-girl team, and seems to be doing utterly well. Having just concluded a high-ticket deal, the team was more than willing to include a lowly, rather rusty me in their midst. My Manager and immediate senior explains the ropes to me, and then introduces me to the rest of the team. And, just as simple as that, my day ended. I had little work to do in the day, and to top it all, I got a ride all the way back home, so I ended the day a content little kid joinee. 🙂

Day 2 was just the same, only with some work thrown in. Day 3 was Ambedkar Jayanti. 🙂 Day 4 was light, with me heading back home a little early to take care of affairs at home. And Day 5, i.e. today… well, u can imagine how its going. 😉

More on office and office life later…


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