I LUVV Mumbai

Yeah Yeah… the title of the post will most probably elicit sneers and comments from my out-of-Mumbai friends, but what the hell… I LUV the city and I’m proud to admit it. And I thought I may as well take the conversation I’ve had with my friend to a whole new level. 😉

Many will argue that this city is a land of No. No place. No greenery. No good roads. blah blah blah. N then they will say it is a land of Too much. Too many ppl. Too much money. Too much tension. Too much speed. Too much of a cost of living index. Too much to do, and no time to do it. And I will not defend it… most of it is probably true. But, I will say this – u can onli truly luv a city if u luv everything about it – both good and bad.

My friends from Delhi will now pounce on me, and tell me about the bad traffic scene in Mumbai. Well, at least this city has traffic sense, where ppl stay in a LANE (temme whr in Delhi ppl actually drive in lanes). Yeah, the traffic is bad, but if the company is good, it dont make a difference where u r does it. And besides, almost all metros have almost the same traffic issues when it comes to peak hours, so maybe the problem isnt the city, but the type of the city it is i.e. Metro. And besides, I luv being stuck in traffic… the sights around me are generally fun enuf to make up for it. Just yesterday, I saw a large sign hanging outside the Pizzeria turning (Churchgate) that said “Anand is Chess Master. Let him teach our politicians some right moves”. Where else wud u find such cheeky quotes…??!

My pals from Bangalore will be chill maadi-ing in the cool zone of Bangalore, and gaoding me to make the move to the much cooler city. Sure, I’d make the move, but then I’m told it takes almost 2 hours to go from almost anywhere to anywhere in the city, so I think I’d pass up the good weather for the reliable local trains, where the open windows bring about a good weather of their own.

Another friends tells me Mumbai is too crowded, and that the crowd saps the energy outta him. But most ppl in the city probably feel otherwise. If ne1 has ever travelled in a ladies compartment at office hours, u will most definitely have borne witness to the numerous fights that ppl have standing at the doorside, both at 9 am, when ppl are supposed to be gearing up for work, and at 6 pm, when ppl head home tired from work. My theory is that the crowd brings that energy out, but then again, its a theory.

I remember a time when I myself thought this city is worth onli to work in, and that living in another city makes good sense. But then I realised, once a Mumbaikar, always a Mumbaikar. Mumbaikars crave for the familiar sights and sounds of their city everywhere… they crave for the noise of the local trains while travelling in the Delhi Metro; they look around for a wada-pav where other ppl flock to a McDonalds; they are more than happy to wait in traffic, while other ppl cringe all around them. But most of all, they love to be in Mumbai, a city they can lovingly call Bombay, a city where the Marine Drive is a pleasure even when its crowded, a city where golas on the beach is a perfectly sane idea of an evening well-spent, a city where piping hot wada pavs can make ur day, a city where the 8:10 local is what ur morning schedule revolves around, a city where people are willing to give way to one another… a city they can call home.

P.S. I was just getting really irritated at work, and so I thought I would write something down. Feel free to ignore this if u wish, and comment if u wish.


One thought on “I LUVV Mumbai”

  1. The post looks like less of “You luvv Mumbai” and more of “why YOU think Mumbai is better than other cities”….Just one thing for you….Get a life!!! 😛 😛

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