New Poem – Courtesy Facebook Comments

So I had some free time to myself for some part of yesterday, and I took to commenting on a friend’s status (yea that’s what really bored people do nowadays on Facebook…). And in the course of the day, we strung along a rather fun piece of poetry. Since it sounded so good I thought I’d put it in one place. Presenting to you “Me v/s Myself” by Sam, Navraj, Karen and yours truly.

And if you look at your reflection…Is it all you wanted to be?
Look at the stranger facing you… Do you like what you see…?

Would you rather be someone else… Or do you want a second look?
Or would you fight to be yourself… no matter what it took?

They will tear your dreams apart… will you still bend to pick them up?
Or will you let those pieces fall where they may, and dream another one up?

Will you have the courage to look up… look into the eyes of what you’ve become?
Will you be able to drown out those alien voices, that are no longer a silent hum?

Or will you keep your head firm on your shoulders… and herald yourself a new dawn?
Would you live life king size… or end up like a pawn? / and be not a reflection of all the changes that you have undergone

Will you still see the laughter? And the innocence that still remains…
Will your eyes still light up a whole house, at the sight of the season’s first rains…

Will you still dare to love again… with all the pieces of your heart that you’ve got now?
Will your heart bear the leap of joy that comes with a wedding vow…

Will you let the setting sun light up the days of your life?
Or will you become another loner, who’s life is torn apart by strife…?

Will you let someone touch your life again… or will you let your ego rule?
Will you make a sage of youself, or will you remain a fool…

And when they try to loot you once again…Will you run away or will you fight?
Will you walk down that easy path, or will you trudge through the one that’s right?

Because when the darkness falls it will engulf you strength and all…
And it will be the strength of your conviction that will save you when you fall…

And then you can rise again, show the world what they failed to believe…
Believe what was and now is… believe in me


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