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As I write this post, India is safely at the second position in the medals tally. I followed a nail-biting badminton final on twitter, and read about the hockey debacle on a news site (with no access to TV, its what people must sometimes resort to…). With Saina Nehwal the first woman to win a CWG Badminton Gold, and the hockey team receiving an 8-0 thrashing at the hands of reigning World Champions Australia, the day’s been good overall. This outing of the Games has sprung up many surprises, including our prowess in lesser-known sports like Athletics. It’s also made Indians realise (hopefully) that Cricket isn’t the only sport to follow – Shooting, Boxing, Wrestling and now, Badminton are other very entertaining options. (Sigh) But we’ll always be a cricket-loving, “Sachin-is-God” swearing bunch of people.

Since we’re at it, I made a note about Saina Nehwal last night. I was browsing through my TV (which I rarely get the time to do), and I came across an advertisement for a brand of edible oil that used the shuttler as their Brand Ambassador. The concept and execution was spot on, but COME ON! sports people promoting the use of an edible oil brand has got to be the heights of desperation. I know that, other than cricketers, all other sports people have a tough time (Olympic Boxer Vijender Singh endorses a chocolate); but edible oil is just below the belt. Point Made. Next.

I travel a lot by Mumbai’s local trains. A lot. Like 4 hours a day. So I end up noticing mundane things while passing time in the train. Like the handle at the window seat. The utility of that accessory beats me. It’s not like the crowd inside will push you out (through the grills that too!) and that HANDLE will save you. It’s also not as if, in the event of a fierce battle for the window seat (and they happen quite often), that defenseless piece of metal and wood would be the last thing standing between you and seatlessness (and loss of pride too). It isn’t like our trains fly so fast that you need to hold on. In a scenario where at least a half dozen people die in a day for want of space IN the train, a handle at the window is plain dumb. It’s not like the handle will hold 6 people, but hey I’m making a point here. (Sigh) If only the stupid who designed the compartment would actually ride in it, he’d know how little utility that handle has…


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