Movies, Music and Mata ke Manmohak Rang…

Okay so it isn’t much as about me SEEING the movie as it has been about hearing about it. Rajnikanth’s Robot a.k.a Endhiran released recently. While the Bollywood community has been raving about the awesome effects and the sky high budget, large (very large) portions of South India saw empty offices with early birds (as early as 4 am birds) waking up to catch the Rajni show at a local spot. The Rajni mania is South India is so much that a temple is built in his honour and many many streets and local spots are named after him. A friend of mine made it a point to watch the movie TWICE in the same theatre; then again he’s seen the previous movies gazillion times, so he’s probably used to it. The appeal of a 60 year old romancing a 30-something on-screen will never strike me… but it grossed almost 120 Cr in a week, and that’s the size of some mid-sized companies, so I’ll take it that its just me that’s not seeing the Rajni craze. If what I hear (and see on status messages) about Rajni is true, the world will be divided into 2 – those who Rajni spares (since Rajni doesn’t spare many) and Rajni himself… and I dont see myself being spared for this post.

The other day I was listening to the Radio on my way to work, and a certain FM station was having a “Play Your Music Day” with Mohit Chauhan. While I most certainly enjoy Chauhan, I have, as earlier mentioned, been cautious about him being used by so many music directors and am afraid that he may lose his charm. The radio show was most captivating, and his unplugged renditions of some of his most well-known works was very very endearing. Silk Route, his band, was also present on the show, and the band lent a very rustic feel to the music, making it so much more special on the ears. I was having a particularly crappy day/week/month and those 2 hours of pure, superb music soothed my nerves. (Sigh) If all problems in life could be sung away…

In other movies, I caught up on a few other movies.
How to Train your Dragon” is a MUST-WATCH for them 3D fans; and even if you don’t enjoy 3D, it’s a treat. Butler as the towering Viking and Jay Baruchel (of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” fame) are brilliant voice-overs… perhaps we’ll see more of Baruchel.
Russel Crowe’s portrayal of bandit Robin Hood in the movie of the same name wasn’t as endearing as the previous version of the movie… but then again it dealt more with the origins of Robin Hood than his activities. An average watch, credit goes to Crowe for bringing to life a script that very few others could have portrayed.
Recently released (at least online) “Jonah Hex” disappoints. An average story, average actors, even an average screenplay. So much more could have been done with the talk-to-the-dead angle (think Rajnikanth now ppl…)
The Ugly Truth” starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl (from “Grey’s Anatomy“) plays out to the average American audience, who likes a laugh and a cute girl (and a hot guy). A run-of-the-mill RomCom, watch it only if you’re a fan, of both the genre and the people.

In other music, almost EVERYTHING disappointed. New Bollywood music releases “Golmaal 3“, “Action Replay” and “Crook“, all Pritam creations lead me to believe that the “Dhoom” and “Gangster” guy has lost his touch (as my FB status message indicated too); the saving grace was Nikhil D’ Souza in “Mere Bina” from Crook (I’m still in the process of figuring out if this is the same Nikhil D’Souza from the Rock show…). “Knockout” was TKOd, with only Vishal Dadlani’s rendition of the title track lending some weight to the album.

Moving on to Mata ke Manmohak Rang. For those who are unaware, Navratri is underway in India. It is a festival involving, essentially, celebrating the various avatars of a deity. In Gujarat, it is accompanied with dandiya (dance with sticks, remember American Desi..?), and large parts of Kolkata shut down in for Durga Puja. In Mumbai, we see both of them, accompanied with a city-wide colour co-ordination among women (this one’s new to me too!). The origins of this custom to appease the deity are unknown, but women all across Mumbai swear by it, and actually look forward to it. As a result of this city-wide colour code, women all around the city look like they’re part of some promotional campaign. Today was Red, and, but for the bad quality of my fone’s camera, I would have posted an image of what looked like a bus full of women wearing what looked like school-uniforms dyed a very dangerous colour. I watched in wonder, and waited for the day when the colour for the day would be yellow, and a woman pairing it with formal attire (black pants) would look like a walking taxi… 😉


2 thoughts on “Movies, Music and Mata ke Manmohak Rang…”

    1. I do too!!
      I dont OWN formal clothes in all those colours, or I would have joined in myself… I tried purple, white and blue 🙂

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