I’m gonna be alright…

Another one of em Facebook poems that are made by comments… this one’s a little different, in that it came by in sets of 4, rather than 2… so the continuity is a lot more. Nonetheless, it’s a poem, and I’ve gone ahead and named it “I’m gonna be alright”


I must learn to distance myself from my past,
I must teach my soul to last;
I know it will be a crazy fight,
But you know what, I think I’ll be alright!!

I must be the light I wish to see
I must hold my roots like a mighty tree
I know it’ll take the breath out of me
But in the end, i’ll be what I’m meant to be…

There are facets of me that I must free,
Dreams unfulfilled that may never be;
No matter how hard I must take that dive,
Thats the way I must learn to survive.

Those bars that cage me, I will break;
Those dreams they razed, i will remake.
I remember those times, I cried in strife;
But you know what, I think I’ll be alright.

The world at large will make fun of me,
They dont see the mystery that I still see;
But I’ll hang on, put on a brave face,
Till I find that mystery, I wont rest my case.

I’m the flowing water, you cannot hold;
And the antique wares, that you once sold.
It’s my time now, and you can’t stop me;
I’m done with being all you wanted me to be…

Those days of pretending are history,
In a short while, u’ll get to know the real me;
I know it may be a reality bite,
But you know what, you’ll be alright 😉


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