Living life in little things

I’m a rather optimistic individual. Its not just about seeing the glass half full. It’s about seeing glasses where they’re really hard to come by as well. Onli recently I was going thru a friends blog where she thought about we were bogged down by the big picture so much that we fail to see the small things. And I completely agree. I mean Da Vinci dint get by looking at the bigger picture… the detail in that smile took some effort. And it’s really those little things that ppl shud care about… So that’s what I’m gonna write about.

1. I love posting quirky one liners as my FB status message. And watching my friends comment on it. And smile with every snappy reply I get.

2. I luv music. A lot. Even if my guitar isn’t tuned, the twang it makes gives me a sense of relief. Almost like it’s the onli thing that may remain constant with time. I like that.

3. I love it when they play a favourite song of mine on the radio. Even on my way to work, it can never stop me from dancing in the train. And people thinking I’m crazy. I like that I can like music that much.

4. I like good sneakers. I own a lot of em and I totally love em. I love the feel of em clinging to the soles of my feet when I moonwalk. Or when I jaywalk on the sidewalk.

5. I love my Mom’s cooking. Even if its slightly off in the taste department. It’s something I carry to work everyday, even though I could eat at the cafe. It has a feeling of familiarity that the best neighbourhood restaurant could never match. It’s almost like I can hear her reprimanding me about the Coke on the table ryt next to me. I like the motherly feeling that comes with the food.

6. I love my fone. It’s my gateway to the world. I decide who I want to or dont want to talk to. I can decide who’s birthday I want to remember; which meeting I wanna prioritise; which songs I wanna listen to on the way to work; who’s pics I wanna carry around with me all the time, and let it do the dirty work for me. I like that I can smile everytime I hear an old friend calling me. I like that I can curse when I see someone calling that I dont want to talk to. And I like that I can say wateva I want to the fone, and nobody else will ever even know.

7. I like spring cleaning. We do it every year before Diwali. I like that I can give away those really old tees that dont fit me nemore, but I can hang on to the memories that go with it. I like that I can rearrange my wardrobe, just so I can wreck it again next week. I like that my Mom will realise how few Indian outfits I have in there, and still not find enough time to coerce me into going shopping with her. I like that I smile at those silly cards and souvenirs I had stowed away, and hide them again so I can smile at them next year.

8. I like taking a stroll in the park and doing absolutely nothing else. I like that crunchy feel of the grass below my feet. I like the noise of the kids going about their game of tag not realising that they’re going to be playing it their whole lives. I like the look that old lady gave her husband, a look that says “So what if you can’t kill tigers ne more, you got me neway”. I luv the smell in the air when the first drops of rain hit the grass. I like the glee in the air in those moments, even if I have to walk back to the chaos in life soon. Because those happy moments are worth more than nething else.

9. I like travelling in double decker buses. Mumbai has quite a few of em and, unless I’m really late, I try to take one of em to work everyday. I like to sit ryt at the front of the bus, hang on to the bars on the window, and feel the wind in my hair. It’s a child-like feeling that makes me forget I’ll have to go to work and become a grown up again.

10. I love writing. Long windy sentences and staccato ones alike. It makes me realise that all that matters is the words, and not necessarily how u put them. And yet, less than 100 writers succeed at it every year; onli 1 wins a Booker, onli 1 wins a Pulitzer. I like that people still write though. It’s a sign of resilience. And I like resilience.

11. I luv dreaming, and I think you do too. Almost like Lennon when he says “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. I like to think that there’s something that gets me thru the night and thru to the next day. And that if I want, I could forget all about it wen I wake up.

12. I luv the little rings that form at the bottom of my tea cup everyday. I luv how the tea slowly oozes from the tea bag and forms soft little rings. Its mesmerising. I spend 3 minutes a day, twice a day looking at it. If I had a better camera on my fone I would click it.

13. I like to see clouds. Being in Mumbai I see them almost 5 months a year; but I still love em. I luv making fantasy animals in them too. And making a story featuring them. Takes me back to a time when that used to get me called “Creative Child” and not a “Nut”.

14. I luv musical instruments. The piano… disciplined yet flexible. I luv how u find melody between its notes. The violin… a haunting yet incredibly powerful instrument. The saxophone… I luv how all it takes to bring some romance in the air is blow through a hole and push some buttons 😉 The guitar… a rustic feel. I luv that it has a beat of its own. I wud like a guy who plays ne instrument.

15. I like dark chocolate. Bitter yet sweet. A tale of life to come.

16. I like winter. The slight chill in the air makes u seek comfort in that little corner by the fire. I like how my breath could fog up the glass; and I can draw that cute little smiley. I like smileys.

Monologue apart I’m sure everyone likes something like this. I’ll wrap up with something from my Facebook status.
It’s true that broken hearts and broken headfones have a lot in common. No one but you knows they’re broken, and once they’re broken, you cant hear much around em. And they’ll never be the same no matter how hard you try to fix em.
But, if you make some effort, you can get new ones. Buying new headfones is easier than a new heart. For a new heart, you need new memories. Make memories in the tiny things that got lost somewhere in the process of breaking ur old one. Time wont heal this… u will have to. Dont go living life in those broken pieces… MAKE life in new ones.

So, this festive season, go discover life in little things.
Stick your head out the window sometime, and feel the wind wreck your hairstyle.
Make a funny face at the guy in the car you just overtook (not when you’re the driver pls).
Run like you dont give a damn in the park, and let ppl think u’re off your nutters.
Call up a close friend in the dead of the night and go “Wazzaaa!” (I advise that you hand up soon i.e. BEFORE the expletives start flowing).
Clap your hands and give a wide smile each time you’re answering the fone in the train (I’ve tried this… the reactions are quite hilarious!!).
Bob your head side to side in rhythm with “I wanna singa” from the cartoon show (or ne other really catchy tune) (I’ve done this recently; I also added a little jiggy wid it and the liftman thought I was drunk/stoned/both).
Steal fruit from Grandma’s prasad chamber and, when caught, make a straight face and say “You disappoint me, O old devotee!!”
Stand in the line for the bus, softly nodding your head and taking glances at your watch, mumbling “Yesterday it broke down, day before it hit that road divider… wonder what it’s excuse is today”.
Suck on a juicebox till the straw is as stretched as an anorexic model and till you can hear the last drop just BEGGING for its life. (A close friend of mine absolutely cannot stand this, so I do it around her for pure fun)

Gift ur Mom something, and watch her look at you like you’re her Academy Award.
Gift your younger Brother something, and watch how he looks at it and thinks of the 102 ways he can blow it up.
Gift ur Dad something, and watch as he wonders which credit card of his hit the credit limit on that gift.
Gift ur Grandma something, and watch as she thanks the Lord (not you) for it.
Gift your Best friend something, and watch as he looks around and checks you for a fever.
And finally, gift urself something you love most – a new leash on life.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Diwali and a great New Year!!


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