A quickie

It’s most certainly not what you’re thinking. Just that I had little time, and thought of posting it before I forgot.

My business newspaper (I read only like 3 a day, and only one of em in the morning) reported today that “Big Boss” has been “allowed” by the HC to continue telecasting at prime time i.e. 9 pm. The reason for its apparent shift to the graveyard shift i.e. 11 pm slot was… its racy content. (“Raakhi ka Insaaf” was also moved to the same slot, but I wont comment on how good it would be that waking kids weren’t exposed to the exploits of Miss Sawant)

My take on this rather unnecessary intervention by the HC.
If the intent was to REALLY maintain childrens’ innocence, a lot other TV channels would have to face the music. Channel V, MTV, Star Movies, HBO, even Disney Channel probably plays “inappropriate” content at times that kids would be in front of the couch. But since that dint happen, why single out just these 2 reality shows? Is it because they’re telecast on Indian channels and not foreign ones…? (Splitsvilla and some other adult reality shows used to telecast at 7 PM or so in the evening… )
Or is it because the HC has finally realised that not all televised content can be regulated and/or censored? True that they’re quite entertaining (Dolly Bindra and Samir Soni’s fight on Big Boss raked in some major TRPs for the channel) but they’re run by the television for the purpose of entertainment and not to protect childrens’ innocence.

Any how. I dont watch the shows (I simply follow them on my newspaper) and I dont intend to. Just a thought that I wanted to let out into the virtual universe.


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