Aiyer vs Admin Guys – The Epilogue

Since posting on Saturday, not much has changed at the office. I dint expect it to. But it sounded like a follow up post, so here goes.

The food probably still has insects in em. I wouldn’t know. I carry food to work everyday now. In fact, I get to office a good 15 mins late cuz I piss my mom off as she packs my lunch for me, so I wont have to eat at the canteen. But the foods still the same. And the senior official cant give a damn about it (his wife must pack him lunch, so he doesn’t really know does he).

The stupid IT Guys have still blocked most sites. They’re now inundated with a good 50 mails each hour with requests to unblock sites. I pray for the day when they realise that Investment Bankers have models to finish, and Info Memos to proof-read, and sending mails to report legal sites to unblock are not part of their job profile.

My ancient desktop computer refused to respond to me only yesterday (yet again). And, yet again, the IT guys’ response is the same – Pls Restart the computer. When I told him that I’d already tried it, his response dint surprise me at all – Restart it again… By the time its’ restarted, I’ll b thr. (suggesting that a restart is more of a recreational activity). Sigh. If they would get a little more efficient, work satisfaction would increase exponentially.
(Soon after the damn thing stopped doing nething, and it was left to me to tell the IT guy to consider a format. He sez ok and turns up at my cubicle with his fone. And without the windows CD. (Sigh) No comments.)

In other news, we discovered Godzilla-sized rats in our office the other day (they were hiding in the drawer where our keyboards are) and the reaction was unanimously noisy. With yet another mail to the admin guys, the reply was the same – “Pest Control will be done”. Another colleague came up with the idea of trapping some rats in a flypaper, and leaving them in our senior management’s cabins – so they know their pest control doesn’t work. (That’s still a WIP project; updates on that will follow soon)

P.S. I’m sure everyone who’s ever worked would have similar horror stories, so what I’ve narrated can hardly be described as novel. It is, however, heartfelt.bbtt


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