Blogging on the move

It’s been a while since I had both the time and the hardware to blog. I promised myself at the start of the year (and kept up with it for a while too) that I would blog once a week just to remember HOW to blog.

A while later the excuses kicked in.

I got busy with work.

I dint have access to internet.

I dint have enough to blog about.

I thought once a fortnight was fair.

I then thought once a month was great.

Then I just ran out of topics to write about.

But tht doesnt mean I dont have a story to tell. It just means tht my story needs some someone else to do the talking.

It was late in the evening and, sitting in this crowded and loud train compartment, I found my storyteller.

An old lady is sitting with a grade 2 english book and studying diligently. I couldnt help but notice tht she was, well, a little older than the average 2nd grader. So i asked her if she was reading a grand-daughter’s book. And she tells me, matter of factly, tht she goes to night school so she can keep up with her grand children. She makes extra time so tht the ppl and the things tht matter most to her are kept up. It’s not a life shattering realisation, or a path breaking effort… But it was the simplicity of her interest that took me by surprise. Plenty of ppl attend night school, but this was one of the first who was doing it not to keep up a job, or to keep their kids in school – she was doing it to keep up with her life.

And I realised I dont want to be as old to realise what I can do for the things and the ppl I love. Again, it isnt like it came to me in a wave of thoughts… But I’ve had a silent voice in my head telling me I’m missing out on something for a while now. And a self-educating grandma got me to listen to it.

So I’ve made some lifestyle choices over the past few weeks that I’m proud about.

I come home and strum my 2 guitars a few times every week.

I watch a few movies and smile.

I listen to some good music and feel lighter.

I spend some battery life on my fone catching up with old friends.

And then some on letting mom know I’m just fine.

And then I spend some more time finicking with my fone and blogging all about what I want to do.

Because happiness doesnt need time. It just needs a realisation – tht happy is possible. As long as u got tht… Time is just a multi-dimensional variable.


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