The Magic of Music

I’m a huge music fan. I listen to all kind of stuff – jazz, blues, reggae, rock, classical, regional… And I rarely judge a song or its genre for tht matter. Yet… I know after a few notes or the first riff that I absolutely LUV a song.
Anyhow. This post isn’t about my musical taste. Its about musical miracles.

As I write this, I’m in a relatively crowd-free local train (its about 9 15 pm – its not such a rarity at this time of the day) populated by college students, overworked professionals, long distance travellers and first time train travellers.
A 7 year old picks up her mum’s cellphone and jumps to the music gallery (I know a few 30-somethings who find it difficult to navigate a cellphone – how the 7 year old was so dextrous at it is both a representation of the interests of the new generation and the lack of it in ours). Almost seconds later the now-familiar notes of Kolaveri blare through the speakers. And I watch as a compartment full of busy people take their eyes and ears off their books and phones and music players and turn around to get a good look at the kid (and the source of the song).

The little girl hits almost every note of the oddly noteless song correctly – and she adds some of her flourishes to it as well.

Not onli is she singing along to Dhanush’s hilarious rendition – she’s got an awesome jig to go with it as well. Its a kinda headbang- cum- rock appreciative jig – one hand in the air and head pulsing.

And as she reaches the all-too-hilarious “cow cow” lines, the lyrics skip her.
And half a compartment of college students and office goers (yes, I’m included in the crowd) prompted her – each in their own tune and with their own style to the song.

She completed her song – obviously aware that she was now the centre of entertainment of quite a few people and quietly sat back down quite proud of herself, her mum beaming at her.

As she sang the last few lines – I saw something thats quite rare in local trains even that late in the evening.
I saw people relaxed; entertained; free of the stress that the day had thrown on them.
I saw people join in with the antics of a little kid and enjoy a song – if onli for a few minutes.
I saw music and dance bring together a bunch of exhausted people and – even if only for a few moments – unite them in some joy.
I’m not sure if it was the hilarious song that lightened the mood or the sight of a little kid so obviously engrossed in it – but it was a 5 minute experience that made my day.
And I wish such moments occurred more often – I like a smile every once in a while.

The post was obviously written in a train late in the evening. Enjoy it in present tense. Too bad I dint think of clicking a picture or recording a video – perhaps next time.
Merry Christmas!


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