6 word story

This is what all the blogging101ers are upto. So obviously I have to keep up 😉

Check out the challenge here: https://bencnicholson.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/six-word-stories-fancy-a-challenge/

While many bloggers are crafting deep, thoughtful stories, what’s my 6 word story about loss you ask:

Then I chased down the airline

Chasing down the airline to hunt down lost baggage (and generally finding it after 2 days of hair-wrenching annoyance from the authorities), roaming around in a new city (sometimes even a new country) looking for clothes and utter essentials (including vegetarian food – not because that’s what was in the baggage; I always look for vegetarian food) and dealing with the confused looks of a concierge who says “Is that all you’re carrying Mam?”;

Loss has a very profound (and wallet-lightening) effect on me.


7 thoughts on “6 word story”

  1. A lovely humorous take on the prompt, thanks for participating! One thing though, I didn’t actually get a ping back from you when you linked this, so I found it completely by chance! I’m not completely sure on what makes a ping back what it is, but I think you have to link directly to the challenge page for me to see it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the challenge 🙂

    1. I loved the challenge! And I have now manually added a trackback to your page.
      But why it didn’t pingback automatically even though I linked directly to the page – is perhaps the matter for another 6 word story 😉

  2. As I get older, I find myself calling the airlines less and less for lost items, but it has certainly happened more times than I’d like to admit! I’m sure most people can relate. In my lifetime, I have left behind my favorite stuffed animal (I blame my parents for that one), books and even a laptop, which was shockingly returned.

    I enjoyed that your previous post was also six words of intrigue: Why Most People Really Hate Exercising—and equally relative six-word subject that invokes empathy from a mass audience. Bravo, sir!

    1. Thanks for cruising over my blog and I’m happy you found something interesting. I didn’t spot the 6 word link in my previous post and (more importantly) had no clue so many people cared so much about it – thanks for pointing out to me!

      As for getting less attached to baggage over time, I can only hope that it happens to me too. Or my life will be a heated mess of arguments with a ton of transport authorities and airline companies.
      P.S. I have GOT to hear the story about the laptop being returned though!!

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