Cellular slaves

I browsed through the images at Unsplash.com – a super awesome site for natural unprocessed images of life… Of people, rolling hills, pretty clouds, winding rivers, yada yada.
And then I hit the jackpot with this image.

See the calmly building clouds? The perfect lighting provided by the sun so perfectly obscured by those clouds? The water body at the head of the image depicting the power play between the clouds and the sun? Probably not – because your focus was inexplicably shifted to the phone.

Can you believe this person (whoever it was) actually preferred to enjoy nature through the screen of his phone and not… Naturally?! What’s worse… I completely lost track of the serene sight in the image and was left fuming at the person’s stupidity in the face of such beauty.

Took me back to a few weeks ago when someone shared this image with me.


So true how we’ve become addicted to our phones for everything… From phone numbers to birthdays and fitness routines to emails. I remember a time when (not very long ago) I was given a phone for a few hours each day and that too because it seemed to be the most efficient way to get a hold of me as I made my way through college life. Today I hear of people leaving home without their wallet… But never without their phones.

The smart phones we invented to free up our time have made us lose more time than we can account for. Beyonce asked (and then declared) that girls run the world… sorry babe, I think its these palm-sized bots.

Damn. Skynet isn’t far away.

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8 thoughts on “Cellular slaves”

  1. I agree totally with the sentiments expressed in your post. It is really unbecoming these days with the phone thingy going on. Sometimes, I ask myself, did life not exist perfectly well without these little gadgets. These days people are letting life pass by while they watch the screens of their new toys. Nice post. Here’s my link to my little tweets. Have a good weekend. http://acookingpotandtwistedtales.com/2015/09/11/little-tweets/

    1. Our lives were just okay without phones… We were healthier (more vitamin D less body fat… Just the way god intended) , more social (as in we met real people) and far less stressed.
      We should make an attempt to switch off our phones once a week (or a fortnight)… The effect is magical…

  2. Oh yes. When we walk into restaurants, we are zombies or bots – we all look the same; stiff shoulders, stiff necks, bent heads. When we party, we all sit still. There will come a day when those robots would be livelier than us.

    1. In restaurants people photograph food more than consume it… At parties there’s less dancing and more selfies. So yeah. The bots are outliving us already…

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